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Video Marketing

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There’s no doubt that video marketing has become a staple of businesses around the world. As many as 75 million Americans watch online videos every day, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Regarding YouTube, almost 5 billion uploads are viewed daily, and Google’s favorite social media platform has more than 1 billion users.

So, it’s not hard to see why companies turn to video marketing from facts and figures perspective. But, there is also the engagement factor to consider. According to Yum Yum Videos, people are more likely to interact – comment, share and like – 50% of the time compared to a blog. The fact is it quickly grabs people’s attention by simplifying ideas and triggering emotions, leading to a stronger audience connection. All you need are eye-catching visuals.

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Unfortunately, crafting videos and putting them together isn’t straightforward unless you have a basic understanding of the platform. Without the ability to make videos, your business can’t benefit from the powerful features of video marketing. Thankfully, FlexClip makes this easy. Continue reading to find out how FlexClip can ensure you reap the rewards of the new king of content.

Flex Clip: Boost Sales, Increase Traffic, Encourage Social Shares

Premade Templates

Putting a video together is a piece of cake when you already have a foundation on which to build. FlexClip provides its customers with this opportunity through its media library. In the ‘Stock Video Footages’ section of FlexClip’s site, you’ll find a range of footage and backgrounds at your disposal.

FlexClip Video Templates

Birthdays and Events

Businesses often use events and personal milestones to connect with their base, and you’re no different. The great thing about FlexClip is that they have everything from a birthday party invitation to wedding wishes. And, if you want to target a specific demographic, you can thanks to featured Mother’s Day promotional footage. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a general background, such as a coffee shop, to set the scene and let your dialogue do the talking.

Sales and Promotions

It’s always sale season, regardless of the time of year. So, it’s essential to cut and upload a video highlighting your best offers to maintain and increase your market share. FlexClip has your back with their range of promotional footage. Ones that you can use any time include household spring and back to school sales, but there’s also a corporate Black Friday sale option. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s a perfect template for a Fall video. Christmas templates are also available for your inevitable online and in-store promotions, too.


Video marketing works because it triggers emotions, and there isn’t any as powerful as nostalgia. Looking back on the good times is an excellent way to invoke happiness, something you can do with ease thanks to FlexClip’s templates. Whether it’s a recap of a wedding, a save the date invite, or a family vacation, there is footage that makes people smile and feel fuzzy inside.

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And, all of the above is by no means part of an exhaustive list. With FlexClip, you get access to a media library that contains millions of stock videos, images and music.

Original Videos

If relying on a template doesn’t sound creative enough, you can create your own from scratch. The fantastic thing about this feature is that it allows you to get personal and add character to your advert. Also, the final cut will be unique and grab more people’s attention as a result. The process couldn’t be more straightforward with FlexClip.

  • Add local media: Select the ‘Start From Scratch’ on the video template screen and upload your own videos. All you need is use the ‘Add Local Media’ option on the video to choose from the files on your computer.
  • Trim it to size: If you need to edit and tweak your clips, there’s no need to panic. With the ‘Trim Video’ feature, you can do it without any specialist skills. Just cut it to whatever format you need – MOV, WEBM, M4V, and MP4 – with the yellow slider and preview it in real-time.
  • Include music and text: Part of what makes a video a powerful tool is that it incorporates various elements in a short clip. With that in mind, don’t forget the impact of music and text, as well as a voiceover. Select your favorite background track and fit it to the beat of your video, and add captions to include text. For voiceovers, you can record an original and upload.
  • Protect your work: One bad thing about video is that people might steal it and take the credit. For the most part, a solution is hard to find, but FlexClip has the perfect quick fix – a watermark. Users who pay for FlexClip’s premium service can add a watermark for copyright purposes. Then, if anyone does try and steal your work, you’ll have proof that the artwork is yours. To take it one step further, you should add your brand’s logo too.
FlexClip: Add text to video


FlexClip has three main plans. The first one is a free plan that includes SD downloads with 480p resolution and one stock video per project – the video length is one minute. You also get a maximum of 12 projects. Although it’s free, you might find this option limited. If you do, these two plans will better suit your needs.

Basic Plan

For $4.99 a month, or $59.88 a year, you get 720p HD downloads, 5 stock videos per project, and a maximum of 50 projects. Video length is 3 minutes, and you can add a custom watermark for protection.

Plus Plan

The FlexClip Plus Plan offers Full-HD downloads with unlimited stock videos per project and a maximum of 200 projects. Video length is up to 5 minutes, and a custom watermark is included all for $ 7.99 per month or $95.88 a year.

Whichever option you choose, FlexClip has several learning tools that focus on editing videos, software tips and recommendations, and essentials.

Sample FlexClip Video

Here at Noobie, we put together a sample promotional video for Halloween in just 10 minutes using a premade template with the FlexClip’s service. Please note: This is not a real sale. Check it out below!