Why the Fitbit is better than your smartphone’s pedometer

I never intended to but I now own two pedometers. The first is my Fitbit Force which I absolutely love (despite being recalled due to some individuals experiencing a rash from using it). The second is the one built in to my Samsung Galaxy S5 (S Health).

So one would think that if you have a pedometer built into your smartphone, why bother wearing something on your wrist like a Fitbit Force?

Fitbit vs. smartphone

The answer is simple. I don’t have my smartphone on me at all times. Sure, most of the day I carry it around in my pocket but lately I’ve been trying to keep my smartphone on a table or my desk when I’m just sitting idle. And often that means getting up to do something (like grabbing a snack or going to the bathroom) without taking my smartphone with me.

In other words, my Fitbit Force is counting the steps to the bathroom, my Galaxy S5 isn’t.

If you think these steps here and there don’t add up during the day, think again. By the end of the day, my Fitbit Force and Samsung Galaxy S5 are usually off my several thousand steps.

They call it wearable tech for a reason. I wear my Fitbit Force. I don’t wear my smartphone.

How about you? Is your smartphone good enough to count your steps during the day? Or do you prefer a wearable technology like the Fitbit (or other) like me? Leave a comment below and let me know where you stand (or walk).




  1. Shane C

    I still have my Fitbit Ultra and wear It every single day as I have for over 2 years now since getting It. I’m looking to update to one of the newer models and the Force had caught my attention, but realized they pulled It from the shelves with the recall. I’ve heard they are working on a newer updated model In regards to the Force and should be released sometime soon. Fingers crossed It’s true as I’m planning to get one. I’ve checked out the other models and they seem like they would fit me as well, but If I’m going to splurge on another device, I want It to be something that has all the features I want and will like.

    • Patric Welch

      I think the only thing you are missing (besides the potential rash) with the Fitbit Ultra is the display on the Fitbit itself. It might do one more thing like track stairs but I can’t remember. Hopefully they will fix the rash problem soon and maybe while they’re at it come up with a better clasp. Despite these minor problems, I still really like my Fitbit Force.

      • Shane C

        Here’s the Info I found off one of the FitBit FB Groups In regards to the updated Force wearable their releasing sometime this year. I’m hoping sooner then later.


        The main reasons I’m wanting this particular model Is It has all the features I want, will be easy enough to throw on and wear no matter what I’m doing, and my Ultra has been through heck and back. I’m long overdue for an upgrade.