My first experience using Mayday on my Kindle Fire HDX

I can’t believe it took me this long to use the Mayday feature on my Kindle Fire HDX. I guess it’s because it took until now before I had a legitimate problem I couldn’t figure out. Many times I thought about faking a question but I wanted the experience to be as genuine as possible so I kept waiting.

My issue I was having was that I wanted to place a movie I rented on Amazon Instant Video into my son’s FreeTime account. If you’re not familiar with how FreeTime works on a Kindle, think of it like a separate profile for your children where they can only access the content you grant them access to. The video below shows off both the FreeTime feature and Mayday itself.

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: New Amazon TV commercial: Kindle Fire HDX with Mayday button

The problem was that when I went to manage my son’s FreeTime account and choose the content he was allowed to view, the movie I rented from Amazon Instant Video wasn’t one of the options.

My Mayday experience

So I finally did it. I pressed the Mayday button on my Kindle Fire HDX. In less than 10 seconds I was connected to Mike, an Amazon customer service representative. As advertised, I could see Mike but he couldn’t see me. Full disclosure: Mike wasn’t nearly as cute or good looking as Amy is in the Amazon commercials.

I told Mike my problem and, after pausing for a few seconds, he told me he needed to transfer me to a Kindle specialist. This threw me a bit since I had pressed the Mayday button on my Kindle. I thought I was already talking to a Kindle specialist?

High tech right back to low tech

Regardless, I ended up talking to a person in the Instant Video department which is maybe what Mike meant to say instead of Kindle specialist. But since the Instant Video specialist couldn’t use Mayday, I could only hear her and not see her. Because of this she asked me for my phone number and then asked me to disconnect from Mayday and reboot my Kindle so she could call me and continue our conversation via telephone.

I did as she requested and sure enough my phone rang a few seconds later. At this point, I repeated the problem I was having and asked her if maybe the issue was that you couldn’t put a rented movie into a FreeTime account. She said she would have to put me on hold to look into it.

After a few minutes, she came back on the line and confirmed what I had said. It is not possible to put rented digital media into a FreeTime account on the Kindle Fire HDX.

Technically, I got the answer I was looking for

Although I had the answer to my problem, I’m not really sure I got a good use of Mayday from the experience. Not to mention, I only used Mayday for less than a minute before the whole issue reverted to a standard technical support phone call.

Despite all of this, I was still impressed how easy it was to connect to Mayday and see the person helping me. I truly believe that had I offered up a simpler problem (like most of the users probably do), my Mayday experience would have been vastly different. Maybe I’ll have try again and fake a problem after all.