Finding the Right CIO

Chief Information Officer

There are many businesses out there that are actively looking for a Chief Information Officer (CIO); however, it can be hard to find the right person for the job. The CIO plays an important role in the company, working closely with the C-level executives (such as the CEO), the IT department, and the marketing team to ensure the company’s technological mission aligns with the overall goal of the company. In order to find the right CIO, is it critical to learn more about what to look for in this important executive.

A Sense of Purpose

One of the most important character traits to look for in a CIO is a sense of purpose. With a sense of purpose comes a sense of passion. Find a CIO that is passionate about their role and shares the same sense of purpose as the company. This will help the CIO find an inner drive that will move the company forward.

By finding a Chief Information Officer who is more engaged with both the position and the company will increase the productivity of the organization. Therefore, find a CIO who has both a sense of purpose and a strong passion. This will ensure the company’s IT department is aligned with the rest of the business.

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A Constant State of Curiosity

It is also important for a Chief Information Officer to be curious about his or her field. It’s no secret that technology has evolved significantly over the past few years. With the rapid growth of the internet, cloud computing, and mobile devices, it is critical for the CIO to stay engaged with his or her field.

A company that is able to stay up to date on its technological devices is going to be in a stronger position to succeed. In order to make sure this happens, the CIO must be curious. He or she must always be aware of new innovations in this industry, asking questions about novel applications in the tech world. This will help the company stay on the frontier of science, ensuring that it can maintain its competitive edge.

Superior Communication Skills

Finally, the Chief Information Officer also has to have strong communication skills. The CIO is going to be actively involved with the company on multiple fronts. Of course, the CIO will be responsible for managing the company’s tech arm, ensuring the IT department has everything it needs to be successful.

On the other hand, the Chief Information Officer is also going to play an active role at the C-level with the other executives in addition to working closely with the marketing department, as digital marketing becomes more important than ever before. For this reason, the CIO needs to have strong communication skills, acting as a liaison between these various arms.

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Find the Right CIO

These are a few of the most important characteristics to keep in mind when conducting a search for a new CIO. Finding the right CIO is critical for the future of any company, so take the time necessary to make the right decision.

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