Finally a sign-wearing dog photo that did some good!

I’ve seen dozens of “cute” photos on Facebook of dogs with signs around their neck announcing to everyone what bad thing they’ve done. The signs usually say something like “I ate 2 pillows for dinner tonight” or “I thought the living room needed new carpet”. These photos have no real purpose other than to give us a quick laugh and, of course, get a ton of likes and shares on Facebook.

But for once, someone put a sign-wearing dog photo on Facebook that had a purpose. The photo, taken by the Franklin County Humane Society in Rocky Mount, Virginia, showed the typical dog with a sign around its neck. But this sign wasn’t one letting everyone know what bad thing the dog did. Instead the sign read, “I have been waiting 597 days for a family”. 7 days later, Paige was adopted after the photo was shared over 54,000 times.


This strikes particularly close to my heart because I myself just adopted a little puppy a few weeks ago from a local shelter. Her name is Fifa (named after the international soccer association and because I have two boys who actively play soccer) and she is my new pride and joy.


I hope this isn’t the last heart-warming dog adoption story using social media I hear about. Keep being creative people!