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1. How To Delete Cache Files: 7 Ways To Clear Browser Memory

How To Delete Cache: 7 Easy Ways To Clean Memory

Knowing how to delete cache files on your devices helps in not only securing your web browsing history but keeps your devices running quickly as well. A mobile phone or computer with too much in the cache will likely be slow and unusable. Clearing your cache will help improve your device’s performance and keep your browsing history secure… Click to read more

2. Top 8 Chromebook Games

Top 9 Chromebook Games

Almost every gamer knows Chromebook games abound in the Google store! If you like playing games on your Linux-operated gadget, check out these 8 Chromebank games that are compatible with the system. Whether you like RPGs, puzzles or adventure games, you can find what you enjoy on this list of highly-rated games from the Chrome web store… Click to read more

3. Microsoft Cloud Storage OneDrive FAQs

Microsoft Cloud Storage OneDrive FAQs

Do you have questions on how to effectively use Microsoft cloud storage, OneDrive? You aren’t alone! An estimated 115 million customers, including 85% of the Fortune 500, have used it. Because of this, familiarity with OneDrive is necessary. Let us walk you through the basics and make using it a breeze!… Click to read more

4. Chromebook vs Laptop: Which is Best for Your Needs?

Chromebook vs Laptop: Which is Best for Your Needs?

Ever since Chromebooks made their debut in 2011, those searching for a new laptop have likely weighed the differences between a Chromebook and other traditional laptops. There are a few key comparisons to consider. Some people will say that Chromebook security cannot be beaten by a regular laptop. Other people will claim that a laptop overpowers a Chromebook’s pros and cons when it comes to using more 3rd-party apps offline… Click to read more

5. Complete List of Skype Commands You Should Know

Complete List of Skype Commands You Should Know

Knowing Skype commands will make chatting with friends on the video calling app so much easier. You don’t have to know every single command, but being familiar with the basics will help you tremendously. Read on to learn commands you should remember and identify ones you already use… Click to read more

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