How To Explain Technology To Your Parents

How To Explain Technology To Your ParentsHow do you explain technology to your parents? Some parents may struggle with the technologies. Others don’t even want to try and prefer the old ways but helping them to understand and giving them some reason on why this can be helpful to them may change their mind. Here are some ways and tricks on how to let our dear parents embrace the modern technology!

How to Explain Technology: Turning Technophobes into Savvy Tech Users

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1. Explain Technology Patiently

First, remember that your parents taught you to walk and talk. So, cut them some slack when they can’t understand new types of technology instantly. If you get easily frustrated, you’ll both end up angry and they won’t learn anything. A calm and patient attitude will help you explain technology in a way that’ll get them to listen. After all, we all learn best when we have kind and understanding teachers.

2. Find Out What Tech They Need

You wouldn’t want to explain things they won’t end up using. You might write an essay discussing smart homes when your parents just want to sign up for Gmail. So, ask your parents what they want to learn and focus on explaining that. Do they want to learn how to make a Google Doc or delete a Skype account? Or maybe they want to learn more about online security? Always make sure to clarify your parents’ questions and needs before you look for explanations.

3. Avoid Jargon

When you explain technology, don’t blather on about bandwidth or quad-core processors. Don’t fill your vocabulary with terms like LAN, 4G, and switch ports. You must use language your parents will understand even if they’re not the right technical names. If they call their new iPhone “the apple phone,” call it “the apple phone,” until they’re done setting it up. For now, what’s important is your parents understand the principle of how to use the technology.

4. Stick to the Basics

Stick to the Basics | How To Explain Technology To Your Parents

You don’t have to explain how Google stores your information or how cloud computing works. Instead, just show them how to sign up for Gmail and use their Google Drive. When you explain technology to your parents, you don’t have to give a complete run-down of how everything works because they must know just enough to use it safely. For most people, a basic understanding is enough, but if they also want to learn more information, why not?

5. Be Visual

It’s one thing to hear about new technology, and it’s a whole different thing to see it in action. If you can find a video tutorial, then show it to them. Use a screencast to show how to fix a problem or to demonstrate a new app or program on your computer. Don’t just tell but show as well.

6. Give a Step-by-Step Guide

As we said before, stick to the basics but don’t skip over anything. Don’t assume you and your parents are on the same page when it comes to technology. The technology you’re used to might be completely new to them. Something as easy as taking a screenshot might confuse them, especially if they’re unfamiliar with things like keyboard shortcuts and Microsoft Paint. So, make sure to be thorough when it comes to explanations and spell out whatever needs to be spelled out.

7. How Technology Makes Life Easier

Nothing makes people more willing to learn something than seeing how it can benefit them. Show your parents how technology today can make their lives so much easier. Facebook isn’t just some pesky social media site but a great way to reconnect with old friends! Like Facebook, SnapChat isn’t just an app for millennials but a great way to send funny pictures to grandkids! Show how the struggle of learning will lead them to learn something great and useful.

Still frustrated with how to explain technology to your parents? Watch this hilarious video from Comedy Central below:

How do you explain technology to your parents? Just learn how to teach them the right way. Before you know it, they’ll be making Google Docs and posting Instagram Stories like everyone else!

Do you have other tips on how to explain technology to your parents? Or funny experiences? Share them in the comments section below!

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How To Explain Technology To Your Parents
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