The Ultimate Visual Guide to Emoji Marketing

Emoji marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. At its most organic, it’s the process of how a business promotes valuable exchanges to its customers. In this day and age, marketing has evolved into something else entirely, as the rise of smartphone use became prevalent in our society. In fact, social media and digital communication trends have transformed the way marketing is.

One of the most interesting trends of digital marketing that has occurred in the past few years is the use of emojis to entice customers. Emojis are small icons ranging from faces, emotions, flags to arrows, even symbols. The rise of emoji usage all over the globe has been unprecedented, so much so that it has become an entirely separate entity altogether.

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For businesses to harness the power of emoji marketing, learning its unique visual language is tantamount to getting a campaign promotion right. It’s a unique way to reach out to customers, potential, and returning, and there needs to be a fine line that you need not cross in order to keep your brand’s identity intact. Here’s the ultimate visual guide to emoji marketing:

Emojis are everywhere

While emojis are still a fairly new concoction – they were created by Japanese visual designer Shigetaka Kurita in the 1990s – its reach is so widespread that almost any person with a smartphone knows how emojis work. Emojis are pictographs, a succinct representation of weather, an emotion, a reaction, etc.

The suite of emojis on phones are fairly updated with every brush up of operating systems. In iOS and Android, its entire suite is dependent on the way social trends are. There was a time when skin color options were nowhere to be found on emojis, but as people notice and clamor for changes, technological companies react and deliver it. Like, the recent addition – person shrugging emoji.

The thing about emojis is that since their conception, they’ve turned into something else entirely. Almost all types of people use them. From Millennials (obviously!) to baby boomers, emoji use may be varied, and some demographics may be using it more than the others, but the fact that this language is used at all speaks volumes of its reach.

Emojis make your brand more approachable

When a business includes emojis in their language, it changes the marketing approach entirely. Social media is one of the many digital avenues that you can get away with using it, and for all intents and purposes, it’s also the one avenue that matters. If you’re gunning for a better social media presence, maybe it’s time to use emojis on your posts, chats, and DM’s.

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The statistics are never wrong about this. Studies show that when companies start using emojis, they increase the clickthrough rates and engagement from people. A whopping 57% rise in likes is reported on Facebook alone with an effective emoji use. That’s more than half of the original engagers that a business usually gets.

It doesn’t end with just likes either. With post involving emojis, comments and shares increase by 33%. While being liked and commented should be any business’ goal in their every post, being shared actually holds a lot more weight. Being shared means a great possibility of going viral.

Emojis give your brand personality

Another important thing that emojis give your brand once you start using them is personality. How you use emojis will be taken note of by the same demographic that you are targeting. That’s why it’s important to position yourself in a place where your consumers will instantly understand you. Are you a playful brand? Cheeky? Risque?

The laughing face emoji is one of the most-used emojis in digital marketing, gives the impression that your brand appreciates a good laugh. It invites people to laugh with you and let them see that your business is one of “them”. The heart emoji is also a great engagement booster as it always has a positive connotation when used in conjunction with a post.


Emoji marketing can truly change the way you present and communicate your business to your consumers. Digital footprints like posts, profiles, and adverts from the brand can live forever. People won’t forget anytime soon if you’re going to make a gaffe, so it’s best to always be on your toes when it comes to marketing with emojis.