Don’t Let Your Electronics Give You the Flu

Man disinfecting phoneWell, flu season is here again and I’ve already seen 5 or 6 of my friends taken out of commission by it. But while everyone else is spreading the word about washing your hands a billion times per day while singing Happy Birthday twice before you finish, I thought it would be more appropriate for me to share some tips on how to avoid getting (or spreading) the flu from your cell phones and other electronics.

To be fair, I didn’t put this list together—it was sent to me by Verizon Wireless. So tip of the hat to Verizon Wireless for putting this together.

Tips for avoiding the spread of illness this season via cell phones and other consumer electronics:

  • Try not to share your cell phone or other accessories that come in contact with hands or mouth.
  • Be sure to clean your devices regularly, especially if you’re using them in a school or office.
  • Most alcohol wipes work on touch screen surfaces, but make sure to squeeze the excess liquid out before wiping a device so you don’t get any liquid inside its operating system.
  • A simple air spray can be used to clear makeup or other debris from a QWERTY keyboard or traditional dial pad. Most air spray products that clean computer screens and keyboards can also be used for wireless phones.
  • Remember to wash your hands or use anti-bacterial lotions after using public office or school electronics including cell phones, computers and charging cords that plug into the wall.
  • And if you’re shopping, take advantage of anti-bacterial lotions that many retailers now provide for use on sales counters or near registers as purchases are made. (The flu is actually a virus and anti-bacterials don’t kill viruses, but it doesn’t hurt to keep hands clean of other potential bugs.)
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