Don’t Let the Size of This Bluetooth Speaker Fool You

iClever Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

When I saw the size of the iClever Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, I honestly didn’t expect much. I’ve used wired portable speakers (not Bluetooth) of this same size before and never really been impressed with any of them.

But this little guy is different. The sound quality is surprisingly good. Obviously not as good as some of the speakers four times its size but those speakers usually cost two to three times the price. The iClever Bluetooth Wireless Speaker costs right around $30 on

The sound quality is good enough to fill a room so everyone can enjoy your music or hear the audio accompanying a video. On the flip side, if you are trying to cover a large area outside, you probably should consider a bigger, more powerful speaker.

Setup on the speaker is easy as it automatically goes into Bluetooth pairing mode when you first power it on. Speaking of which, the power is a physical switch on the bottom of the speaker. And if you forget to turn it off, it will turn itself off after 15 minutes. The controls for skipping tracks and playing/pausing your music are also on the bottom of the speaker. Hiding these controls is one of the things that makes the iClever Bluetooth Wireless Speaker so stylish.

iClever Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - bottom

The speaker also comes with a USB cable to charge the battery and an audio cable to hook up an external audio source (something that does not have Bluetooth capability). I thought the audio cable was a nice touch as many speakers have the capability to connect to an external source but do not provide the cable needed to do so.

If you’re one who likes to use a wireless speaker to double as a speaker phone, the iClever Bluetooth Wireless speaker has this feature built in as well.

I saved one of the best features of the iClever Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for last. I’m referring to the fact that, since it is so compact, you can easily take it with you wherever you go. It hardly takes up any space in your travel bag or even the glove box in your car.

Note: The iClever Bluetooth Wireless Speaker mentioned above was provided to me at no cost in exchange for my unbiased review. It can be purchased on

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