Cyber Monday 2017 Deals To Include Great Discount On Google Pixel 2 & More

Cyber Monday 2017 Deals To Include Great Discount On Google Pixel 2 & MoreCyber Monday 2017 is quickly approaching! It’s time for you to check out the gadgets you should look out for to purchase! This year, Apple, Samsung, Google and other tech companies have released their newest flagship phones. Google, in particular, will reportedly offer significant discounts for their latest flagship phone, Google Pixel 2 and XL. Learn more about this excellent news from Cyber Monday Hero.

Cyber Monday 2017 Deals To Look Out For | Cyber Monday 2017 Deals To Include Great Discount On Google Pixel 2 & More

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Cyber Monday 2017 Deals To Look Out For

Are you excited by Google’s recent entrance into the smartphone market? If not then you should be! Google are gunning down their rivals with the second generation Google Pixel 2 likely to be a significant upgrade. If we haven’t convinced you that you need this smartphone then read on as we list every Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal for Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 smartphones.

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Just like the first smartphone released by the tech giant, Google Pixel 2 and XL is expected to be released on October 19 a few weeks before Cyber Monday 2017. Armed with an improved camera and add new features, Google Pixel 2 and XL captured the interest of smartphone enthusiasts around the world. Interested buyers will look for the best Google Pixel 2 deals during the sale.

Cyber Monday Details

When exactly is Cyber Monday 2017? The biggest gadget sale will fall on November 27, this year, the Monday directly after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Although deals haven’t been officially announced for the event yet, you can expect massive discounts on the hottest gadgets out there.

Last year, eager buyers were able to snag deals for iPhone 7, iPad, PS4, Xbox One, LG 4K TV and more. Best Buy even gave away 32GB iPhone 7’s for a jaw-dropping $1 each.  This year, Tech Radar expects more exceptional deals for better smartphones, laptops and smart TVs, among others.

Other Cyber Monday 2017 Deals

Other Cyber Monday 2017 Deals | Cyber Monday 2017 Deals To Include Great Discount On Google Pixel 2 & More

Aside from Google Pixel 2 and XL, predictions for other brands have also been shared. The iPhone 8 and X series, as well as the Apple Watch 3, will be snagged this year, as there might not be any other time to purchase Apple’s newest releases. Samsung will most likely drop prices for the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 as well. Meanwhile, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo would also be cutting prices and offering freebies for their gaming consoles.


Do you plan on getting a Google Pixel 2 or XL on Cyber Monday 2017? Check out this insight into the new smartphone first by The Verge.

You might get overwhelmed with all the fantastic offers during Cyber Monday 2017. That’s why it’s important to know which ones you want to buy days or even weeks in advance! You should also balance out when to secure a deal. Discounts might start out earlier in the weekend, but they become more intense towards the end. Just make sure the gadget you want won’t be sold out by the time you’re ready to close the deal.

Tell us what you’re looking forward to buying this Cyber Monday 2017 in the comments section below!

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