Frequently Asked Questions For Creating A Google Account

Frequently Asked Questions For Creating A Google Account

Are you thinking of creating a Google account for yourself or your business? You may be confused whether having a Google account is the same as having an email account with Gmail? Maybe you’re hesitant to set up an account in Google because of the many questions you have in mind. Don’t fret! Below is a list of answers to questions frequently asked by people who want to create a Google account. You just might find the answers to your queries, so check this out!

Creating a Google Account | 9 FAQs Answered


1. What Is a Google Account Used for?

Frequently Asked Questions For Creating A Google Account

Having a Google account gives you access to many of Google’s online products and services. Among the Google services you can use with your account are Gmail, Google Drive, and G Suite. With a Google account, you can personalize the way you use Google applications. You can save the actions you made on Google Search. You can also track the videos you viewed on YouTube. Though you can still access a majority of Google’s applications without an account, there are functions that need it. For example, you need a Google account when you want to comment on a YouTube video or place a location on Google Maps.

2. Can I Create a Google Account for My Business?

Frequently Asked Questions For Creating A Google Account

You definitely can! A Google account can help you set-up an online correspondence for your business. Specifically, Google offers a service called G Suite For Business. You can link your Google account to your business account on G Suite. With G Suite For Business, you can send emails using a professional business address ( You can even use Google’s productivity applications such as Google Hangouts and Google Slides for holding online meetings and making collaborative slide presentations! 

3. I’m a Teacher. Can I Set-up Google Accounts for my Students?

As an educator, setting up a Google account is useful. A Google account can help you make an online drive where you can store all your teaching materials. This makes it easier for you to distribute these materials to your students. You can even set-up a student blog or an online forum where your students can ask questions. Use your Google account to create accounts for each of your students. This way, you can message each one if you need to follow-up on their homework or projects.    

4. Does Creating a Google Account Cost Money?

Frequently Asked Questions For Creating A Google Account

Creating a Google account for yourself will not cost you money. In general, Google won’t charge you when you are setting up your own Gmail account or YouTube page. Google also won’t charge you for using their applications in their default setting. For example, every Google account holder has 15GB of free storage on Google Drive by default. If you want to increase your drive’s storage capacity to 100GB, it will cost you $1.99. These rates go up as storage capacity increases.    

5. Is Creating a Google Account Safe?

Frequently Asked Questions For Creating A Google Account

Google accounts are protected with industry-standard security features. All the data you send Google is encrypted. Every piece of information that passes between you and Google is translated into coded messages. These coded messages are secure because you’re the only one who can access and decode them. Also, take note that all Google accounts need a password for them to be opened. So when you’re signing up for a Google account, make sure to create a strong password to go along with it.

6. What Are the Requirements for Creating a Google Account?

The Google accounts sign-up form will need you to disclose personal information. These include your first and last name, birthday, gender, and location. Providing Google with your current email address is optional. There are also age requirements for creating a Google account. Generally, Google only allows users aged 13 or older to create a Google account. There are some exceptions. Some countries have higher age requirements. Click here to see if your country has a different age requirement for owning a Google account.

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7. Can I Create a Google Account Without a Gmail?

Yes, you can. Some people might find it hard to manage more than one email address at a time. As such, Google allows you to create a Google account without a Gmail address. This means you can create a Google account with your personal or work email address. Click here to access the Google sign-up form which doesn’t need a Gmail account.

8. Can I Create a Google Account Without a Mobile Number?

You can still sign-up for a Google account even if you don’t have a mobile number. Indicating your mobile number on the Google account sign-up form is optional. Though it is not required, providing Google with your mobile number can come in handy in the future. Google uses your phone number as a way to verify your identity as the account owner. So, if you forget your password or have trouble logging into your account, you can use your phone instead.

9. Is Creating a Google Account the Same Thing as Creating a Gmail Account?

Though the Google account and Gmail login pages look the same, they still have differences. A Google account is an account which allows you to use many of Google’s online applications while Gmail is a free email server operated by Google. With Gmail, you get your own web-based email account. Signing up for a Gmail account gives you an email address or username ending with Google accounts, on the other hand, don’t always have a username ending with But technically, the Gmail address you created will end up being the login for all your Google services, so when you create a Gmail account you’re also making a Google account.

10. Can I Create a Google Account in a Language Other Than English?

Yes. Google accounts are available in a variety of languages. English is only one of the many other languages Google supports. Usually, Google can detect the language you speak based on your location. And then, Google will set your account’s default language display. But if you prefer another language, you can change the language display in the account settings.

11. Is There a Way for Me to Remember My Google Account Password in Case I Forget It?

Google has a system to help you if you happen to forget your account password. The system is called Google account recovery. In creating a Google account, you will be asked to provide an alternate email and phone number. With account recovery, you can request for Google to send a verification code to your phone number or alternate email then use the code to log into your Google account.  


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Now, you know the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about creating a Google account. Before actually signing-up for a Google account, make sure there is a need for you to create one. By doing so, you protect your personal information from falling into the wrong hands online.

Do you have other questions about the Google account and how to sign-up for one? Write your questions in the comments section below!

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Frequently Asked Questions For Creating A Google Account
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