How To Create A Strong Password

How To Create A Strong Password | best passwords everA strong password is essential to address all the horror stories on identity theft, phishing scams and other cyber crimes hounding us online. Living in the digital age exposes us to all sorts of risk whenever we use the internet. Caution always keeps us one step ahead, however, complicated passwords are not always the best. Let this guide help you create one that is effective and easy to remember!

The Secrets of Creating A Strong Password

Know Clearly Why You Need It

Know Clearly Why You Need It | How To Create A Strong Password | best passwords ever

All online activities leave digital footprints that identify us as individuals, which is susceptible to exploitation. Names and birthdates can open the floodgates to our personal data, leaving a trail for cybercriminals to use to their advantage. Your bank accounts, email, social media accounts, even subscriptions, may be targets. When you understand the risk, you will likewise understand why you need to ante up security with a strong password. Your safety is always of paramount concern, and nobody can provide you with protection more than yourself.

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Following the Basic Safety Rules

As always, following the basic rules is the first way to reinforce your online guard.

  1. Do not use your personal information as a password
  2. Use 8 or more characters, comprising of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols
  3. Do not use common words
  4. Use different passwords for different websites and accounts
  5. Do not reuse passwords
  6. Keep your passwords private

Helpful Apps to Create A Strong Password

Helpful Apps to Create A Strong Password | How To Create A Strong Password | best passwords ever

Because not all of us are Mensa geniuses, online tools are available to help us manage our passwords. Here are some of the best-rated ones.

1. Dashlane – Even with a price tag of $40 per year, Dashlane proves to be a worthwhile investment. Generate a password with one click and manage your passwords in case of a breach by resetting the lot easily. Dashlane is feature packed, and it conveniently gives users a comprehensive data form completion. Learn more about it today!

2. KeePass – If you’re more traditional, KeePass is the tool for you. It is the oldest password manager online, and also quite powerful. Free, open-source and utterly customizable, the only downside is that you manually need to encode and sync as needed.

3. LastPass – LastPass is a tool that is most popular for its convenience and efficiency. It is available on all major platforms and can be accessed through a web browser. Best of all, it only costs $24 annually!

4. Sticky Password – Military-grade encryption is guaranteed by Sticky Password. Its feature rich interface makes an attractive deal with users. Choose between syncing data in the cloud or WiFi at your convenience. Try it out now!

5. True Key – Intel’s password manager is state-of-the-art. It’s authentication processes are absolutely impressive. At $20 per year, True Key is a steal.


Computerphile shares their thoughts on how to select a good password in this YouTube video. Watch for password inspiration!

Remember, playing it smart will help keep you safe online. A strong password will not only keep your information and accounts safe, but will also give you peace of mind. Follow these practices and land your best password ever!

What practices do you use observe in creating a strong password? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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