The Best Chromebook Games You Need To Play Today

Top 11 Chromebook GamesAlmost every gamer knows that the Google store has an array of fun Chromebook games you can choose from. If you like playing on your Linux-operated gadget, we compiled 11 system-compatible games. Whether you like RPGs, puzzles, or adventure Chrome games, there is something for you. Find what you enjoy on this list of highly-rated games from the Chrome web store.

Best 11 Chromebook Games from the Chrome Store


1. Save The Day

If you like games that rescue people while avoiding danger, then you’ll love Save The Day! Rescue citizens while avoiding fire in this arcade-like Chromebook game. Instead of the classic shooting games, you often find at the arcade, this one focuses on saving people.

2. DarkOrbit Chromebook

This Sci-Fi MMO game is another Chromebook game you should try. DarkOrbit has been around since 2009. And its early start has given it time to smooth out kinks and improve its flow. You will complete quests, manage your spaceship and hunt other players. In fact, it already has a cult following around the world. You may feel a bit out of your comfort zone when you join their ranks, but you’ll eventually acclimate and adjust.

3. Entanglement

If you love solving puzzles and sharing them with your friends, give Entanglement a try. The goal is to make the longest path possible without running into a wall. With this game, you can challenge your friends with the multiplayer setup. It is also one of the available offline games, so you can still play without a connection. If you find yourself without Wi-Fi, Entanglement can keep you entertained!

4. Crimson: Steam Pirates

Fulfill your dream of becoming a pirate with Crimson: Steam Pirates! It has a 5-star rating among all Chromebook games, so you will surely enjoy commanding Thomas Blood’s fleet around the Caribbean. Battle with other ships set traps and explore the high seas with Crimson.

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5. Tagpro Chromebook

Tagpro looks a lot like the classic game Minesweeper. It has the same capture-the-flag theme, but this version can have many players in the game at once. With the multiplayer element added into the mix, it becomes a complex strategy game. Playing a Tagpro game helps you enhance your real-time decision-making skills.


Don’t let the simple graph and blob graphic fool you. is an addictive web-based game. You start off as a small blob then work your way through gobbling up other blobs. As you grow, you also gain power and skills. You’ll learn how to get away from other blobs that will eat you up as well. You only need to log-in and enjoy!

7. Polycraft

Somewhat like Minecraft, Polycraft starts off on a deserted island. You will look for ways to survive on the island, build your army, and create a community with a tight defensive system. Warning: tribes will attack you, so as a player, you need to protect your fortress and your village.

8. Arcane Legends Chromebook

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One of the most promising RPG Chromebook games out there is Arcane Legends. You can create your own character, cast magic in the game, and even explore around the island. Fair warning: casual players may find this game too intense for their liking.

9. Pac-Man

Pac-Man | Top 11 Chromebook Games

Everyone knows the classic game of Pac-Man. Savor in the nostalgia and relive the old days with one of the most-loved Chromebook games! You can enjoy playing with three characters in the Pac-Man world. Choose between Pac-Man, his wife Ms. Pac-Man, and Cookieman to begin the chase!

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10. Color Memory

Color Memory | Top 11 Chromebook Games

If you enjoy passing the time with games that stimulate the mind, Color Memory is for you! The game is simple enough for anyone. All you need to do is remember the color pattern shown and recreate it by picking the correct series. As the game progresses so will the difficulty of the patterns. You need to keep your memory sharp and quick for this game!

11. Defender

Defender | Top 11 Chromebook Games

The defender is one of the Chrome Extension games that revived a classic arcade game. Keep the galaxy safe by shooting down aliens and avoid their attacks on your spaceship. Once you defeat the aliens, you move on to the next level. In this game, you also get to stop the planet from exploding and prevent mutants from overtaking.


Before diving into these games, let’s first find out what makes Chromebook unique. Watch this video from JimsReviewRoom to find out:

There are a lot of Chromebook games that you can enjoy. The great thing is, they are like the ones that run on a Windows or iOS-operated gadget. Some of these games for Chromebook even have a cult following! Which one will you try out first?

Have you tried any of the Chromebook games on this list? Share your favorites in the comments section below!

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Top 11 Chromebook Games

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 23, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

The Best Chromebook Games You Need To Play Today
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