Loving my new USB-C Wireless Charging Pad

CHOETECH USB-C Wireless Charging Pad

I will be the first to admit it. The fact that I love this USB-C Wireless Charging Pad is ridiculous. I mean it saves me like two seconds when it comes to charging my phone. But I don’t care, I love it!

If you don’t know what a wireless charging pad is, let me explain. It looks like a coaster you would set your drink on but instead of setting your phone on it, you set your smartphone on it. Then without hooking up any cables between the pad and your phone, it charges the battery in your smartphone.

Mind you, these charging pads don’t work with every smartphone. Your smartphone has to support wireless charging. Luckily, my Galaxy S6 Edge supports it. The manufacturer states that this wireless charging pad will also work with the Galaxy S7, Lumia 950 / 950 XL and any other Qi-Enabled device.

Always be charging

Let’s go back to that two seconds of time savings for a minute. When I work at my computer all day, it’s pretty routine that I take my smartphone out of my front pocket and place the phone on my desk. Right on this same desk is the USB charging cable that came with my phone. If I take the two seconds to plug in the cable, my phone immediately starts fast charging.

But that’s just it. I usually don’t hook it up to the cable. Instead I just set the phone on the desk and let it be. Only when I realize my battery is running low do I connect the cable and let it charge.

With this USB-C Wireless Charging Pad, I don’t have to remember to connect the charging cable. Now instead of setting my phone on the desk, I set it right on the charging pad and my phone is charging the entire time it’s sitting there. That’s why I love it!

CHOETECH USB-C Wireless Charging Pad - No Wires, No Fuss

Fast wireless charging

There is a difference between “connected” and “wireless” charging with my Galaxy S6 Edge. Notably, I get fast charging when connected to a cable and “regular” charging when my phone sits on top of the wireless charging pad.

According to the manufacturer though, this wireless charging pad can support fast wireless charging but your phone has to support it. I’m guessing my Galaxy S6 Edge isn’t one of the compatible fast wireless charging devices.

Wireless charging with a smartphone case

If you’re wondering about whether or not the case on your smartphone will affect the ability to wireless charge your phone, let me tell you this. I have a case on my Galaxy S6 Edge and it works just fine. Now obviously, I haven’t tested every single case on the market but I can tell you that I had no problems wireless charging my Galaxy S6 with the case on it.

Techie stuff

And for those who might care, the USB-C Wireless Charging Pad uses a USB-C cable (the newest standard) for fast charging. This is the cable the connects to the charging pad itself to a power source. Also, the charging pad has built-in overcharging and over temperature circuit protection so it won’t overcharge your battery or waste energy.

Google Suite Cheat Sheet

CHOETECH USB-C Wireless Charging Pad - Multi-Protection

If your phone supports it and you like what you’ve heard, you might want to jump on over to Amazon right now to pick one of these up. The list price is $35.00 but you can get one right now (as of this writing) on Amazon for $9.99. You really can’t go wrong at this price.

Note: The USB-C Wireless Charging Pad mentioned above was provided to me at no cost or a discounted cost in exchange for my unbiased review. Click here to purchase on Amazon.com.




  1. asudduth

    I don’t think my phone supports “Fast wireless charging” either, so I’ll not pick this up right now, but I’ll keep it in mind. We have 5 chargers, but not this model… oh we also have a Qi-enabled car mount, but I haven’t used that yet.
    My wife is using a Qi-charging case on her iPhone, and my phone has Qi charging built in.
    It is very convenient, but also solved a problem for us. Last year my wife was getting up with a new baby in the middle of the night, and using her phone… and she wouldn’t plug it back in when she was able to go back to sleep, therefore she’d wake up with a phone not ready to go for the day… Wireless charging, to the rescue! Now its easy to charge the phone!

  2. Christian

    Choetech actually has the best quality wireless chargers in my opinion. I still have my Choetech Qi fast wireless charger that I got like a year ago and it is still working perfect. Much cheaper than the original Samsungs as well

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