Change Lane: What if your oil change service came to you?

Change Lane
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The last real “office job” I held had a nice little perk. Inside the parking garage adjacent to my office building was a mechanic who would do simple repairs and oil changes right in the parking garage while you worked. I would drop my keys off in the morning when I arrived at work and by the time I left work, my car was all ready to go. I absolutely loved it. I mean, heck, my car is sitting idle all day anyway. Why not take advantage of that?

Of course, when I quit that job and started my own business, that all went away. Now I’m back to driving my car to the dealer or an oil change store and trying to entertain myself while I wait for them to finish.

A new company called Change Lane may soon bring back the oil change convenience I so enjoyed. But Change Lane isn’t a fixed location and it certainly isn’t in a parking garage. Rather, it is a mobile oil change unit that comes to you. And I mean right to you—like the end of your driveway.

Currently, Change Lane is limited to just the Twin Cities area and they only have one service trailer but if we’re (I’m) lucky, they will meet their goal of expanding to 60 trailers in multiple cities by the end of next year. I can only hope that Indianapolis is one of them.

I’m also hoping they figure out how to run their business with more than just one service trailer or it could be a lonnnnnng wait to get an oil change at the end of your driveway which would defeat the whole convenience of their business model.

What do you think? Would you tade advantage of a mobile oil change service like Change Lane if it were available in your area? Share your opinion in the comments.

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