What To Know About Building a Small Business Website

Small business website

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Every company these days use social media to engage with its audience. It’s how they learn more
about them and what they’re interested in. However, as an established business, you need to have a
website that solidifies your place in your chosen niche. However, building a website isn’t as easy as it
sounds. This is especially true if this is your first time doing so. In this article, we’ll be covering what you
need to know about building a website for a small business.

It Can Be a Huge Investment

Building a website may help you generate more traffic and leads, but it can also cost you a lot of money.
In fact, the average cost of having a professional build you a website is around $5,000 to $9,000.
Granted, how much you have to pay does depend on who you go to and how much they charge.

Regardless, spending approximately almost $10,000 on a website can put a small dent into your
finances. A great way to pay for it is to take out a small business loan. A small business loan can be used to finance everything you need for your company, which includes a website.

What’s more, is that the lender may also offer additional benefits as well. You could also be given a broad support network, professional coaching, and educational resources to help companies succeed.

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Take Your Time in Choosing a Domain Name

A domain name is the website address you see in the search bar. You know, that long line of jargon you see on most websites? That can actually be edited into another name and it’s how your clients will
be able to find you. You want to have a name that’s easy to remember, but not overly complicated, but
figuring out a suitable domain name can take a bit of time. Since this is the beginning of the process,
don’t hesitate to take as long as you need to.

Don’t Forget to Set Up an Online Payment System

These days, it’s all about convenience and nothing conveys that more than setting up an online payment system. This is an absolute must if your business mainly deals with delivering products to others. You can do this by implementing e-commerce software into the site. In fact, a majority of website hosts come with an easy way to integrate it.

Keep in mind, however, that e-commerce software is going to cost you a fair share of money. For a small business, you might have to pay up to $100 a month with a $1000 setup fee. Make sure to plan out your budget, so you know how much you’ll have left after all is said and done.

Learn How to Use SEO

Once your site is up, you might think you’re ready to open shop. While you technically can say you are open for business, you also need a way to have people find your business, and that’s where SEO comes into play. With proper implementation, you can drive traffic to your website.

All you need to do is learn the right way to use SEO. This includes understanding the way people search online and different long-tail keywords or phrases you can use. There are several common SEO mistakes to avoid however and it is worth researching those as well and avoiding whenever possible.