Is Binge-watching Bad for Your Health?

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Consumer trends have revealed a great interest in on-demand entertainment packages like Netflix and Amazon Prime over more traditional television viewing habits. There are many reasons why individuals are changing their viewing habits, and contrary to popular opinion, it isn’t always about the price. In fact, the competition between networks and providers has actually created an environment where the consumer has more purchase power than ever before.

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The ability to compare DISH network deals and the promotions of other companies gives consumers more work with when negotiating the best deals. In order to attract and retain customers, many providers are willing to offer fantastic introductory options with rock bottom prices and lots of extras. However, price isn’t the only reason people may have left traditional television providers.

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Watch Your Favorite Shows Anywhere

One of the reasons consumers are moving toward online delivery options and subscriptions is the accessibility it provides concerning entertainment. Long before network providers were moving toward online delivery, on-demand subscriptions opened up a world of possibility with the option to rent or download movies and network series completely remotely. Consumers could take a trip, go on vacation, or even access multiple shows from within the comfort of their home without additional cable connections or extra fees.

This service-on-the-go made online subscriptions highly desirable in the culture that has always seemed to be on the move. However, many of the televisions providers realized the desires of consumers and they too have chosen to allow online access to live television or on-demand entertainment options.

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Instant Options for Just About Everything

Over the last few decades, advancements in technology have changed the culture and mindset of individuals everywhere. With instant options for just about everything, there is an expectation that things should be immediately accessible.

Instant gratification is the new norm. Think of fast food, grocery delivery, mobile banking, call a doc and all the other conveniences that have been introduced into society. Although online streaming services don’t have the latest network series or other current programs, the ability to watch a full season of a show without waiting a week between episodes has a serious attraction to consumers.

Binge-watching is now a part of late-night or weekend plans for young and old alike. However, many find they are burning the midnight oil to watch just one more episode before they head to bed. Even though there may be work obligations in the early morning, people continue to play episode after episode without concern for the strain on their bodies or the time that is being wasted. The latest statistics show that Americans watch an average of three hours of television a day.

Keep Everything in Moderation

Even though you are feeling entertained, chances are you might be getting addicted to television or your favorite shows. An addiction can be anything that consumes more time than originally planned. By planning to only watch two episodes but finally putting down the remote five hours later, you might have developed an addictive habit.

This activity could also make you antisocial, as you would rather stay in on Friday night and catch up on the latest season of your favorite show than go to dinner with your friends. Even worse, consistent binge-watching could even create adverse health issues. Sitting for too long, snacking, reduced sleep, and eye strain can all cause long term damage to your body. You can make it a healthier activity by using the time to do stretches, eating healthy, or taking mini-breaks to get in some physical activity.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite shows every now and then, but turning it into a consuming habit can be dangerous to your health and social life. Keeping everything in moderation is the key.

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