Best Smartwatches For Women

Best Smartwatches For WomenLadies, now is the time to look into smartwatch options! In the last year, female-specific smart watch styles have greatly increased, leaving a wide array of choices. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a smartwatch that will fit you perfectly, check out 7 of the best smartwatches for women below:

7 Best Smartwatches For Women To Use

1. Apple Watch Series 3

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If you’re used to an iPhone, the latest Apple Watch series is a great smartwatch option for women. It has quite an upgrade from its predecessor in terms of connectivity and battery life. It has LTE connectivity as well as a longer battery life and faster response time when flicking through apps. Its sleek design also looks great with anything you wear; you just have to choose amongst its many designs. Choose between two sizes 38mm and 42mm, with the smaller size having slightly less battery time than the bigger one.

2. Asus Zen Watch 3

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Previous versions of the Asus Zen Watch have a squarish and more masculine design, but the tech company’s latest installment looks more feminine with its rounded style. Powered by Android Wear, although it’s not the thinnest smartwatch, it has a 10mm thickness and a 1.39 screen, perfect for women who don’t like wearing bulky accessories. You can choose from a variety of straps to use, including genuine Italian leather. There are also three trendy colors available; gunmetal, rose gold, and silver.

3. LG Watch Style

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Also powered by Android Wear, LG Watch Style is the company’s latest venture into smartwatches. With its round and dainty design, it’s definitely a great choice for women to use. It also has a lightweight design with a 10.8mm thickness, which is similar to the Asus Zenwatch. Aside from its light design, you can choose from three colors; titanium, silver, and rose gold.

4. Moto 360 2

If we’re talking about smartwatches for women, you can try out Motorola’s second venture into this part of the tech world. Maintaining all its desirable features from the first version like the unique personalization system Moto Maker, Moto 360 2 included more feminine designs and colors to its design. It comes in two sizes as well; 42mm and 46mm.

5. Michael Kors Access

Michael Kors watches are quite popular nowadays, but have you tried their smartwatch line, Access Bradshaw? Powered by the typical Android Wear, it has a customizable watch interface and other features in any other smartwatch. What sets this line from the others, however, is the interchangeable straps options. Pick from 4 silicone straps and 6 leather straps to match your mood for the day. Note that you will have to buy these straps separately.

6. Huawei Watch

With its retail price ranging from $399 to $699, Huawei offers different designs and colors with their smartwatches for women. Their line caters to all sexes with its sleek and thin design. The selection includes gold, silver, black, and blue. You can also choose between a leather or steel strap. You won’t have to worry about bumping into things and leaving a scratch on it either. Its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on its 1.4 inch AMOLED display.

7. Fossil Q Accomplice

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Fossil Q’s smartwatches for women still contain the same features as their previous version like remote access buttons for selfies and music playbacks. But its lightweight enough to not look bulky on small wrists. People who don’t want to advertise their use of smartwatches won’t have to worry. If not for the Fossil Q Accomplice features, it looks just like any other analog wristwatch.


Want to Unplug for a Bit?

Did this list of smartwatches for women help you decide which one to use? Check out the new features on Apple Watch Series 3 below.

Thankfully, more and more companies creating smartwatches that would look great on all sexes. This list doesn’t have all the available smartwatches for women out there but it can be a great start for you to look for the most suitable for you.

Which smartwatch do you want to get your hands on? Tell us in the comments below!

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