Best Smartphone For Seniors | Top Four Models

Best Smartphone For Seniors | Top Four ModelsLooking for the best smartphone for your elderly family member? While smartphones are readily available, they aren’t always the best fit for those challenged by tech. If you’re on the hunt for the best smartphone for your elderly loved ones, look no further. Today, many manufacturers are answering the call by tailoring their best smartphone models for the older community. We’ve researched the 4 best smartphone options to consider.

4 Best Smartphone for Seniors to Enjoy This Technological Age


1. GreatCall Jitterbug Smart

When looking for the perfect smartphone for your mom or dad, why not go right to the company that had the foresight to design one with them in mind? The Jitterbug Smart makes seamless phone calls but also has extras to make it really interesting such as Bluetooth, a fast connection, and a microSD card for easy storage. It’s the best smartphone for beginners, too.

Seniors will appreciate the large icons and easy to read 5.5-inch touchscreen display. It also provides the one thing family members really need the phone to have — an Urgent Response system. The built-in 5Star Urgent Response app means there is a large icon on the main screen that automatically calls help if it’s needed.

In addition, the Jitterbug Smart offers a long-lasting battery life, voice typing, mobile Internet access, and a simple to navigate menu system. After all, seniors need phones with the best battery life in order to connect with their loved ones without the hassle of constantly charging.

2. The Latest Apple

Apple products like the iPhone 8 Plus may not be made with seniors in mind, but they do have all the features a senior might need.

Like the Jitterbug, this iPhone is another easy to use smartphone for seniors. It provides an easy to see 5.5-inch touchscreen along with the True-Tone Display — that means seniors can still see the screen clearly even under the sun. The iPhone is water-resistant and can charge wirelessly. It’s a sturdy piece of tech and is made with durability in mind.

The Touch ID sensor allows better protection of sensitive information but without the need to remember a passcode. The photos also back up to the cloud in case the phone is lost or broken. Plus, the iPhone battery life is just right for seniors if we consider the most minimum day-to-day use.

3. Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy offers something often missing in a smartphone — a small package. The large screen has curved edges so the display is big enough to see the icons clearly while still allowing for a small body design for better portability. This phone has a slot for a microSD card to store those special photos.

As for the Samsung battery life, the S8’s 3300mAh will work well for your elderly parent or grandparent’s needs — that is if he or she won’t need to take hundreds of photos or use the internet for hours on end.

4. Doro Liberto 825

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If you don’t have the patience to teach your elderly family member the basics of using a smartphone, then a Doro Liberto 825 will come in handy. If you’re going by convenience in teaching, then this is the best smartphone for the elderly. Not only does it have an easy to use UI with large icons and text, but it also gives a tutorial the first time you turn it on. It teaches its user how to write a text, make a call, and even write emails.

You can also set up the phone to allow a family member remote access to the phone. So if Grandma wants an app installed, you can do it for her even when your miles away.

Tech Made Easy


The most important part of finding the best smartphone for older family members is teaching them how to use it. Check out this video from Gadget Hacks for tips on setting up their new gadget:

With the right, easy to use smartphone for seniors in hand, your loved ones are now safer whether at home or on the road. Consider the options above to choose the best smartphone to suit your loved one’s needs.

What do you think is the best smartphone for seniors? Share your thoughts below!

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