7 Best Photo Editing Softwares For Mac

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Looking for the best photo editing software for Mac? Then you’ve come to the right place since we’ll be listing the best Apple photo editing software. We know that in this age of social sharing, our photos count as trophies so they have to be edited to perfection before they go on our social media. From the dozens of software options available out there with countless features, which would work best for your project? Check out our recommendations for the best photo editing software for Mac.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Mac


1. Acorn 6

If you want your photo to look perfect for posting, then Acorn 6 is the right Mac photo editor for you. This application supports a lot of unique features, like its non-destructive filters that can be applied to your photos for added flair. The best part is you can totally combine filters to get the aesthetic you’re going for. This makes it easier to achieve that thematic Instagram feed you’ve been eyeing for some time.

This multi-awarded software has been deemed by Apple as one of the best software on the App Store in 2013 and again in 2015. If you’re not convinced yet that this is the right software for you, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial.

2. Pixelmator Pro

We consider Pixelmator as one of the best photo editing software for Mac, especially because it allows you to touch up your images quickly and efficiently, and even gives you the option to create digital paintings. You can apply different effects and filters to enhance your raw images and achieve the quality you desire. Pixelmator also has functions to adjust exposure, shadow, contrast, saturation, brightness, and hue.

Aside from budding photographers, this application will also cater to budding artists since it gives you the option to draw or paint your images. It has several brush tools on offer that have been created to mimic different brush textures and even paint blending.

3. Photo Pad Photo Editor

If you want something fit for a beginner, then PhotoPad is perfect for you. This application has a simple easy-to-use interface and offers the usual features needed in editing images, such as resizing and crop, as well as more unique features.

One of these unique features is regional effects, which allows you to limit effects and filters to a chosen area on your photo. It’s a simple application, but there’s a lot you can do with it, which will suit all skill levels, whether you’re a noobie just starting out with photo editing or a more experienced user in need of more advanced features.

4. Affinity Photo

If you want to expand your knowledge of photo editing and are comfortable tackling more advanced features, then Affinity Photo should be at the top of your list. It offers various retouching tools, like recoloring and inpainting, which gives you more flexibility and control to improve the overall quality of your image.

Although this application is not free, it has a lot to offer for more advanced users. You can get it at $49.99 from the App Store.

5. Simply HDR

From the name itself, Simply HDR can help give an HDR look to your photos to give it that wow factor. It allows you to play with contrasts in your images to bring out the best details of the image. With the smooth brush option, you can get rid of noise and other imperfections in the picture to give it that flawless look.

Social media addicts will rejoice because this offers an easy social sharing feature that allows you to directly post your photos to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s not free, but you can purchase it from the Apple Store for just $12.99.

6. ColorStrokes

ColorStrokes encourages users to enhance an image by playing with colors. An example would be the selective coloring brush, which features adjustable parameters so users can have more control over what they add color to in the image. With this app, you can create those artistic black and white images with only the subject in color to make it pop.

It is the most affordable photo editing software for Mac on this list, coming in at only $0.99 at the Mac App Store.

7. Snapheal

Looking for a photo editing tool that’ll allow you to remove the other tourists in your photo from that last trip? Look no more because this is the flagship feature of this software. It allows you to erase unwanted elements from your photo to make it appear as if they weren’t there in the first place.

This app supports basic file formats like JPEG and PNG. You can get it for $49.99 at Skylum’s website.

For more ideas on the best photo editing software for Mac, check out this video from Digital Trends.

Tech Made Easy

There are tons of photo editing tools that claim they’re the “best photo editing software for Mac”, but only you can really determine what the “best” means for you depending on what you kind of project you’ll be doing. If you’re just looking to do basic fixes, like cropping or resizing your image, then you can just stick to the free tools since these features will most probably be included.

On the other hand, for more advanced and specific types of editing work, you should definitely check out what the paid options have on offer since these can give you more powerful features for your needs. We hope this list has helped you learn more about the available photo editing software out there and the unique features and benefits of each.

Which photo editing tool on our list made it to yours? Let us know which software will be perfect for your project in the comments section!

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