37+ Best iPhone Apps Free Of Charge

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We want the best iPhone apps and we want them… for free! Aside from the staple apps like Facebook and Instagram, this roundup includes 36+ of the best free iPhone apps which are rarely talked about. From free games to useful utility apps, each app will definitely help with your everyday productivity or keep you busy, whatever suits you.

37+ Best iPhone Apps Free Of Charge | Download Now!

1. 9 On-Demand Movie Streaming Apps for Apple & Android

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A staple in every smartphone, video streaming apps are the apps to download for all the top-rated movies and series today. These apps are usually free but you may need to pay a monthly subscription to get full access to their massive selection of shows. The video quality is adjustable and you can even stream it at 4k.

2. 9 Essential Mobile Apps Every Football Fan Needs

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These apps are a can’t miss for hardcore football, especially NFL fans. Who doesn’t want daily updates on their favorite team, right? Also, fans can watch live local and primetime games through these apps, too. Join different communities and interact with fellow fans to talk about the latest scoop.

3. Top Recipe Apps To Download Today

These apps are great to use for beginners as it will give you a comprehensive guide on how to make a delightful meal from start to finish. Each app will teach you how long you should fry a dish, what add-ons you should put for a better result, and for how many people the dish is good for.

4. Texting Apps to Keep You Connected

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Texting apps are no stranger to us all. Use these apps when visiting foreign countries or if your friend is subscribed to a data plan that doesn’t work with yours. You can easily communicate with friends provided you’re connected to the internet. How’s that for value?

5. Best Budgeting Apps To Boost Your Bank Account

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If you’re a hardcore stocks investor or simply a financially savvy person, you will find opening these apps more frequently than usual. These apps will allow you to keep track of stocks or index you are invested which makes profit-locking a lot easier for you.

6. 10 Apps To Make Money

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Want to sell some of your personal belongings or your services online? These apps will make sure you are properly compensated for the time or service you provide. From gadgets, receipts, to your opinion, you can earn a few extra bucks upon downloading these apps.

7. Quartz

There are times when we get discouraged to read an article especially if it’s a long read. Enter Quartz which provides users bite-sized information about a variety of topics where they can also react via comments. If a news article is reduced to a text message, how hard can it be to read and digest, right?

8. AnyDo

You’re probably using multiple trackers to remind you of your tasks and upcoming activities you need to attend. What sets apart AnyDo is you can assign tasks to other users, which works really well in any office set-up. Plus, you can use voice command to immediately add tasks to your calendar and you can sync it with other devices so you’ll always be informed.

9. AccuWeather

The last thing you want after planning an outdoor activity a week or two ahead is for the weather to ruin all plans. Thankfully, AccuWeather provides accurate forecasts and a 15-day outlook which should help you decide whether you’ll proceed with the trip or not. Additional features of this app include radar maps, detailed forecast summaries, and the AccUcast. It gathers all the info provided by other users on road conditions so potential disasters can be averted.

10. Overcast

If you’re a fan of podcasts, you should definitely give this app a try. Overcast sorts all your favorite podcasts, supports episode playback, and it notifies you once new episodes of interesting podcasts come out. It also maximizes the audio output, increasing quiet voices, and reducing loud background noises.

11. OpenTable

If you’re dating someone and want to bring them to a nice restaurant, say hello to OpenTable. This app lets you reserve a seat in your selected restaurant which eases up the whole process. Popular restaurants are most likely to be booked so reserve ahead of time by using this app.

12. SwiftKey

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I didn't know @SwiftKey can read personalities hehe

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If you’re running out of patience everytime you mistype a word while texting, SwiftKey is here to help. It adapts to your typing quirks, automatically correcting words you often use without actually changing it to a correctly spelled word, unlike the AutoCorrect function.

13. Fandango

Fandango is your one-stop shop for all movie related needs. Use this app when you need to view movies showing in certain theaters, reserve tickets, and read reviews if you’re having second thoughts on some movies. But wait, there’s more! You can also watch trailers directly through the app and set up an iMessage with your friends to discuss what movie to watch next.

14. SoundHound

Imagine listening to the radio and the song you’ve long been looking for suddenly played but for some reason, the lyrics were just too vague and you failed to memorize a stanza! This is where SoundHound steps in as it can look for a song without fail! It also gives you an update on upcoming album releases and it can be your default song player.

15. Quik

If you need a video edited in the comfort of your phone, you should definitely install Quik. This app allows you to make a beautiful video from your photos and video clips then you can add visual effects, titles, and text overlays to give it a story. Plus, you can select from the 80 free songs available and render it to a gorgeous 720p or 1080p at 60fps video.

16. Google Trips

Google Trips is definitely a must-have iPhone apps thanks to the plethora of options it provides to its users. It turns your phone into a travel guru, putting together your itineraries and reservations sent in your email. Google collects your flight details, car, and lodging reservations.Talking about convenience at its finest! It doesn’t stop there as it will suggest multiple spots which may interest you.

17. Enlight

In this age of selfies, you need an app to maximize your photo’s full potential. With Enlight, you get to choose from a wide range of filters and effects which should highlight the nice aspects of your photo. As a testament to the app’s creativity, it was featured in the 2017 Apple Design Awards, cementing itself as one of the best photo-enhancing apps out there.

18. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Don’t let the plants and flowers distract you from the fact this game is actually intense. You get to battle against hordes of zombies using plants as weapons and your victory depends on what and where you deploy your green army. There are many levels to conquer and other game modes to explore which should keep you busy.

19. Injustice 2

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And the game dropped last night!! Who's got it? Here is me in my real life version of my Injustice2 Wondie 😃 📸 by @moises_ortega_photography ______________________________ 🌠Injustice 2 Wonder Woman: @wonderwomanisreal Costume by @sewwhat73 and @wonderwoman is real; and armor by @hollowearthworkshop Background Edit by @_talesfromthedarkside_ _______________________________________ #wonderwomancosplayer #WonderWomanisreal #fitness #mujermaravilla #wonderwoman #justiceleague #batman #HarleyQuinn #Harleyquinncosplay #Cosplay #CosplayPhotography #bodybuilding #Injustice2017 #wonderlandstudiosoc #SoCal #amazonprincess #wonderwoman #dccomics #wunderfrau #mulhermaravilha #injustice2 #gamer #gamergirls #injustice2app #injustice2mobile

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Injustice 2 is one of the top iPhone apps and the most ambitious fighting game in terms of graphics and gameplay variety. It renders a very beautiful design of the most iconic DC heroes as they go against their allies or rivals. It also lets you play with other players through its online mode and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can customize your favorite character’s stats through item power-ups and by leveling them up by playing story mode.

20. Crazy Taxi

This open-world driving video game has been out since the 2000s and has established a relatively large fan base. It lets you play as a taxi driver whose goal is to bring passengers to their destination within the time limit. Sure, this game is not really unheard of but what many might not know is the game is now available in the App Store to deliver nostalgia and adrenaline rush once again to its avid fans.

21. South Park: Phone Destroyer

Can’t get enough of the crew? Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Stan is now invading your mobile phone to bring more of their trademark toilet humor. Developed by Ubisoft, this game is sure to make you laugh out loud and take the fun beyond your TV screen. This Trading Card Game is easily the funniest one in the App Store today and you should go give it a try.

22. Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage

If the pulsating action of the anime is not enough, download Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage to get the full Naruto fan experience. This RPG lets you take control a party of your favorite characters while breezing through the map full of familiar and iconic antagonists. It also has multiple sidequests and features which should keep you entertained for countless hours.

23. LastPass

Sure, it’s not an app to keep track of your finances but with something as confidential as money, you need the best security app you can get. LastPass is perhaps the most renowned and trusted password manager today and it got a reputation for a reason. It’s a password vault and password generator combined and is excellent in both departments. What’s more, iPhone users are entitled to use a master password or TouchID to access the vault and log in.

24. Kindle

Kindle is the app of choice for e-book readers since it lets you purchase and store all your favorites in a digital library, including recipe books. What makes it appealing to bookworms are you can adjust the font size, make the screen brighter depending on preference, and its accessibility since it can be accessed in any mobile device.

25. Venmo

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Paying with Venmo is just an iMessage away.

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Venmo is like the mobile version of PayPal as it allows you to share payment and make a transaction with fellow app users. They will receive the money instantly and this makes sense if you’re in a constant transaction with someone, In terms of security, there’s no need to worry since the app’s data encryption protects your financial information.

26. Mint: Money Manager, Budget, & Personal Finance

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Budgeting the old-school way is rough and time consuming. Always a fan of as little effort in anything with the maximum result, apps like Mint are a GODSEND 🙌🏼. Anyone else use this blessing of an app? If you’re not afraid to connect your online banking and credit card accounts to an app, every transaction pops up and updates the app in real-time, which is pretty cool. I’m not sponsored by Mint… just really love this App. It’s not without its glitches, but as far as I know it’s the only app that does this (free and in Canada!). If you want to get started with budgeting the automated way, check out my link in the bio to read my latest post on how this app can help you. . Anyone else JACKED that it’s finally spring? Anyone else got the gardening bug? I have it bad 🙋🏻‍♀️. Check out my YouTube to see a really badly done video on my indoor plants. I’ll definitely never do another one of those again on my phone. But the info in there might be useful so… 🤷🏻‍♀️. I’ll definitely reshoot a better version soon. . I have big plans for my condo this spring! Paint, shelves, the works! It’s been a little over 6 months now and it’s time! Can’t wait to share that with you! Omgosh spring just makes me feel a certain type of way 🌸☘️🍃🌷💐🌺💦☔️ . . . . . #budgeting #mintapp #springishere #springcleaning #marchmadness #appsychology #savings #technologyforthewin #savingmoney #makeiteasy #simplify #mindless #sodamneasy #bestappever

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All of us can use a finance manager and Mint fits the bill. This app allows you to budget, monitor, and manage your finances which can help you to increase your savings and lessen your expenses. It can also serve as a tracker of bills you need to pay and all the data you store can be converted to graphs and charts.

27. Temple Run 2

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Nível 1 concluído com sucesso ✔

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Temple Run 2 will get you hooked for hundreds of hours if you don’t keep track of time. The thrill of beating your previous high score is hard to pass up and the excitement of unlocking and upgrading characters will keep you opening the app whenever you have some free time.

28. Word Cookies

Fan of the classic Text Twist games? Word Cookies will have you thinking for hours trying to figure out the words you are missing before you can advance to the next level. Although it may pose a challenge, you can use clues to make things a lot easier.

29. Asphalt 8 Airborne

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New Cars! #asphalt8

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NASCAR fans and racing enthusiasts should have this on their iPhones. Asphalt 8 Airborne is branded as the best racing mobile game because of its stunning graphics, a wide selection of race cars, and challenging tracks you’ll repeatedly try to finish with the best time.

30. Score! Hero

It would be outrageous if the most popular sport in the world didn’t have an adaptation fit for a mobile game. Score! Hero will let you visualize the craziest and most dramatic goals you can ever imagine. With the right swipe, you will definitely enjoy the variety of ways you can score a goal.

31. Candy Crush: Soda Saga

Perhaps, the ultimate pastime for all ages, Candy Crush: Soda Saga remains a go-to game for those who have a few minutes to spare. The game mechanics are simple but the extra game mechanics makes it more fun. To sweeten things up, the game design is a delight to look at.

32. RunKeeper

Runkeeper is a frontrunner for the best running app for providing comprehensive data on your activities. It also uses your phone’s GPS to track activities like running, cycling, hiking, and other workouts. It records all necessary info like calories burned and distance ran among others and you can access all these data even from day one.

33. Vantage Calendar

This app is not your ordinary calendar app as it lets you scroll through your plans by providing visual cues to leave you with no excuse to forget your tasks. Customizations make appointments easy to view at a glance. Plus, the color codes should help you manage whatever you need sorting out at your discretion.

34. Rodeo Stampede

What separates Rodeo Stampede from other “endless runner” games is the addition of a metagame where you can take care and build lodgings for the animals you get to ride during the stampede. It’s like playing Zoo Tycoon while being able to switch to Temple Run at your whim.

35. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

There’s no denying the Final Fantasy franchise has one, if not, the biggest fanbase across all gaming franchise. It’s the ultimate homage to all the classic FF titles as you can visit towns, defeat dungeon monsters, modify your party, and conquer iconic bosses. This RPG will definitely keep you entertained until its servers are up.

36. WWE Supercard

If you’re a fan of WWE, this game is for you. This trading card game is far different from your traditional wrestling games but it features the most popular WWE superstars on the roster today. Basically, its gameplay is similar to Injustice as cards are divided into different tiers and can be customized using different items.

37. SeatGeek

SeatGeek is an event ticket marketplace and it helps you to pick the best seats in the arena where your favorite artist or sports team is performing. It lets you know which seats are taken and highlights the best available seats in green. If it’s not awesome enough, a video will play after selecting the seat, giving you a clear idea of the view you can expect.

Tech Made Easy

38. Hulu

Hulu is another streaming app that lets you watch your favorite movies, ad-free. It also boasts a huge library of shows you can choose from and is the video quality is adjustable depending on the speed of your internet.

39. Fancred

Think of Fancred as a community for sports fans. As the app name implies, it’s a creed for every avid sports enthusiast. You can view different commentaries, reactions from game analysts, and interesting stats and facts about your favorite team and players.

40. WeChat

WeChat is the top texting app in China with over 700 million users. What makes it so cool are the People Nearby, Shake, and Friend Radar features which lets you connect with strangers living in your vicinity.

41. TheScore

TheScore is another one-stop shop sports hub if you want to learn all the latest news happening in major sports associations. From blockbuster trades to controversial player tweets, this app got you covered 24/7 and you can get all these news the soonest they are released by turning on the app notification.

42. Facebook Messenger

There’s a good chance you have a Facebook account and you’re an active user. Might as well download its messaging counterpart since all your friends will be there too. It makes people easier to reach since there’s a great chance they are active Facebook users too.

43. Line

Line is similar to Viber except it has its own mini-social media platform juxtaposed with it. If you send a lot of stickers, you’ll have plenty of themes to choose from. Also, it’s one of the most used texting apps in Asia with 600 million users.

44. ESPN Fantasy Sports

If you’re familiar with fantasy gaming, then this app will take your gaming experience to a whole new level. It’s a lot easier to use unlike browser-based fantasy games since you can adjust your roster with just the tap of your finger.

45. Pocket

The Pocket is your go-to app if you want to save and read articles offline. This is a great tool to use if you want to save your mobile data and battery life since you don’t have to go online. It also removes the unnecessary clutters and ads which appear when you’re online. This means you can review all stock-related news about companies you invested in without spending anything on the app.

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Scouring through the App Store in hopes to find hidden gem apps is definitely a fun thing to do. If you want to save time, these best iPhone apps free of charge are proven to be lifesavers in certain situations and are highly rated by users and critics altogether. Go ahead and give each app a try – who knows, you may find your next game-changing app on this list!

Was your free favorite iPhone app included in this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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