Best Gaming Mouse You Can Buy On Amazon

Best gaming mouse

When choosing the best gaming mouse, there are many factors to consider such as hand size, grip, and preference. These components will always differ. Today, there are tons of gaming mice that have joined the “rat” race. And it takes a lot of testing and gaming hours to narrow down the best of the best. Here’s our take not according to order.

Top 7 Gaming Mouse Available on Amazon

1. Endgame XM1 RGB

One of the cool features about this $70 Endgame XM1 RGB gaming mouse is the 6-foot super flexible and gravity-defying light paracord cable. The cable gives you minimal to no flicking of the mouse cord that gets in the way of your gaming motion. It has a matte finish that is super soft but still grippy.


  • 5 configurable buttons
  • 50 to 16,000 DPI
  • 14 RGB LEDs in three lighting zones that can shine 16.7 million different colors that can be controlled and adjusted individually using the mouse software
  • Large PTFE skates
  • patented analog technology allows a clicking speed of below one millisecond for a faster response time
  • Kailh GM 4.0 switches for a more tactile feel and a longer overall lifespan of 60 million clicks
  • Its low and wide structure allows people with larger hands to play comfortably


  • Slight 2 ms delay in response time
  • Added roughly 10 grams in weight from 70 to 82 grams

2. G Pro X Superlight Logitech

This 5 button mouse is a successor for the G Pro Wireless, which was arguably one of the top-selling mice of all time. The Go Pro X Superlight comes in 2 colors white and black

The G Pro X Superlight lives up to its name by cutting down up to 20g grams in weight. 63 grams now making it one of the lightest wireless mouse options in the market. Come to think of it, they did this without making any holes in the shell. Everything was done internally.


  • Ambidextrous egg-shaped mouse
  • HERO sensor low latency lightspeed technology
  • DPI range 100 – 25,600
  • New massive zero additive PTFE feet for a smoother glide
  • Battery life is stellar with 70 hours of playtime after one full charge
  • Certified fully carbon-neutral product
  • You can also choose to have an aperture door with a PTFE foot


  • Expensive
  • No clear declaration on changes to the switches to avoid any double-clicking issues

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3. HyperX Pulsefire Haste

A lot of gamers might have not seen the HyperX Pulsefire Haste gaming mouse coming but, most who have tried it have been completely blown away. It’s under $50 and weighs around 59 grams which put it right in the mix of the light gaming mice in the market today.

Overall ambidextrous design makes it comfortable to use. It is a mouse with a cable but like the XM1 RGB, it also has its own flexible quality to it. Overall, it’s a great mouse that isn’t not trying too hard to do too much. It’s simple and comfy yet still a budget option.


  • Less than $50
  • Top grade PTFE skates under the scroll wheel
  • TTC Golden Micro dust proof switches
  • The package includes a rubberized grip tape and an extra set of skates
  • Pixart 33/35
  • HyperX Ngenuity software allows users to record Macros, customize button assignments, RGB lighting, and DPI assignments


  • Few RGB lighting
  • The short narrow shape isn’t good for people with big hands. Users might tend to squeeze the mouse a bit more which isn’t a good feeling after long hours of usage


This 6-button wireless PWNAGE Ultra Custom gaming mouse has a honeycomb structure to achieve its lightweight design. This kind of mouse makes your hands comfortable even for long hours of gaming too since air can breeze through with every swipe of the mouse.

But what makes this rather unique is you can swap out the shells’ right and left clicks, as well as the DPI button. With no tool required!


  • With a bmw 3335 and a 200 to 16,000 DPI
  • Fast charging in about an hour
  • You can play around with different colored options for your mouse to match your set-up or your mood
  • Swap out with solid shells if you get bored with the honeycomb ones
  • 58 grams to 73 grams depending on the accessories
  • 20 styles of cover variation and colors
  • 4 different button spacers for a customized feel of your button clicks.
  • DPI button 10 styles
  • paracord cables have 2 styles with black and white with streaks of gray
  • 40 to 66 hours of office or gaming use.
  • 100% PTFE feet


  • A bit pricey with $89 for the basic accessories and with every other extra comes at $12 for each set

5. Glorious Model O Wireless

If you enjoyed using the “wired” Model O, you get the same mouse but now being wireless without breaking the bank. The Model O wireless still comes in the same honeycomb shell and has 2 matte-colored options of black or white. And of course, the same embedded RGB lights tip and USB C-port for charging.


  • 6 customizable buttons
  • Weights around 69 grams which is 2 grams lighter because of the wireless tech inside
  • BAMF sensor – which ensures high performance with the least draw on power. By the way, they worked alongside Pixart to achieve this one
  • 16.8 million custom colors
  • 1,000 Hz polling rate
  • 400 IPS tracking speed
  • Up to 19,000 programmable DPI
  • Up to 71 hours without RGB and at 15 hours at the most with RGB lighting
  • The scroll wheel acts as a charging indicator when charging the mouse which turns from red, orange, to green to show you the percentage of the batter
  • Takes about 30 minutes to fully charge thanks to the USB C port


  • Costs around $80
  • No right/left tilt options for its scroll wheel and can’t be customized for infinite scrolling
  • Not too great for users with small hands

6. Ducky Feather

The size of this Ducky Feather mouse is slightly compact than the Glorious Model O wireless. It weighs in at 66 grams by just making a few holes and cutouts on the sides but still manages to integrate a rubber grip. The matte coating helps reduce fingerprint and oil smudges that typically become of a gaming mouse after long hours of usage.


  • 3389 sensor up to 16,000 DPI
  • Flexible cable and smooth gliding experience


  • It may be too long for gamers with small hands
  • Cannot customize RGB lighting

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7. Cooler Master MM720

This super-flat ergonomically designed pancake-shaped Cooler Master MM720 mouse cost about $50. It’s great for those who prefer the claw or palm grip. This mouse may seem impossible to use but once you master the shape, it will be an ergonomic dream.


  • Adjustable up to 16, 000 DPI sensor
  • Super lightweight ultra weave cable
  • 49 grams total weight
  • 95% PPF feet
  • Customizable RGB profiles and macros
  • Optical switches of up to 20 million clicks


  • Bulky for traveling
  • Soft tactile feel when clicking
  • Takes a while to get used to

These are but some of the many gaming mice that have made quite an impact in the gaming world today. Of course, some might agree while some won’t due to personal preference and experience. But overall, you get a picture of what you get initially.

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