13 Best Cloud Storage Service Provider In The Market

Best Cloud Storage Service Provider In The Market | best cloud storage solutions | best cloud storage appIf you have any sort of smart device, it’s likely that you also have data. Whether you want to add an extra layer of security to your data or just need more room for storage, look for the best services to keep your data both safe and accessible. While this technology is primarily used among businesses, it’s worth noting that cloud storage can be helpful for individuals as well. Either way, keep reading to learn more about our top 13 picks in cloud storage services.

13 Best Cloud Storage Service To Keep Your Data | 13 Best Cloud Storage Service Provider In The Market | best cloud storage solutions | best cloud storage app

13 Best Cloud Storage Service To Keep Your Data

1. Dropbox

One of the most popular storage services, Dropbox can cater to Linux and Blackberry aside from the usual Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac operating systems. If you don’t need much space for your data, the service’s 2GB free storage might work you. You can increase this to 16GB by sharing to social media and referring friends. For $9.99 per month, you can upgrade to 1TB of storage.

Interested? Sign up for Dropbox here.

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2. Google Drive

If you use Google frequently, you might want to try out Google Drive. Already linked to your Google account, it’s highly likely that you’re already using the storage service for Gmail, Calendar, and Maps and even Youtube.

Activating your Google account gives you free 15GB to use across all devices and services. It automatically saves the photos, videos and audio clips you send through email. Since it supports both iOS and Android, you can store data directly from your smartphone. It also offers the option to make some files available offline on your mobile. Find out more about Google Drive here.

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3. Amazon Drive

When you think of cloud storage, big names like Google and Amazon may not be the first thing to mind. However, these American companies offer relatively good storage options. Prime members get unlimited space for photos but they can get additional 100GB or $11.99 a year or $59.99 for every 1TB expandable up to 30TB.

It also has an easy to navigate interface to make searching for your files easier. Sign up here.

4. pCloud

If you’re concerned about securing the files you save on cloud, then you should consider pCloud. Using the Crypto Folder, you can store sensitive information away from hackers and even government agencies. You just have to add $3.00 to add this feature.

It also doesn’t restrict the size of the files you upload, giving you the freedom to save virtually anything you want. You can then share files with your friends through the Upload Link without having to send them via email.

Once you sign up, you get 20GB of free storage. You can then add $4.99 a month for every 500GB you want to add to your subscription or $9.99 for 2TB. Start your subscription here.

5. Tresorit

If there’s one thing Tresorit is good at, it’s offering secure cloud storage services. Thanks to their Zero-Knowledge policy, even employees can’t access the encrypted files you store on their servers. Therefore, even if your laptop or phone gets stolen, your files will be kept safe.

Upon subscription, you get 3GB free storage as well as a free trial for their Premium account. You can either revert to the free storage option or proceed with the 1TB  for $15 Premium account after 14 trial days. Subscribe here.

6. Mega

Mega is another one of the best cloud storage providers available right now. It’s simple to drag and drop interface makes it super easy for users to save their files. You can use it to save your phone’s data as well, thanks to its mobile app.

You get 50GB free once you sign up. Or pay $5 a month to use 200GB. Sign up here.

7. OneDrive

If you’re using Windows 10, you can use OneDrive without having to download an additional app. There’s also an app available for Android and iOS that will help you sync your data from your computer to your phone.

You can use 50GB for $1.99 or use the free 5GB storage instead. Start your subscription to OneDrive here.

8. Box

Not to be mistaken with DropBox, Box largely offers cloud services to businesses although they do cater to personal storage as well. It offers 10GB free storage space, however, you might opt to pay $10 a month for 100GB. That’s because, with the free subscription, uploading is limited to only 250MB per file.

On the other hand, Box allows you to sync with Google Docs and Office 365 as well as edit your files there, making it convenient for businesses and offices. Try it out by subscribing here.

9. SpiderOak

Whatever concerns you may have about saving your files online, SpiderOak will give you the security you want. Unlike other cloud storage apps that encrypt data in the servers, SpiderOak encrypts your data in your local device before storing it online. This means you’re the only one with access to the file. Like pCloud, the Zero-Knowledge policy restricts even employees from accessing your files.

Try the 2GB free storage subscription now. You can later upgrade to 250GB for $9 a month or 1TB for $12 a month.

10. Knowhow Cloud

Knowhow Cloud, previously known as LiveDrive, offers three options for your subscription for 200GB ($20 a year), 2TB ($39 a year) and 4TB ($65 a year). Subscribing to the service gives you access to the Briefcase, where you can store data on any device without being linked to local PC. Data is also encrypted on its way to the Briefcase with any possible interceptions blocked by security measures.

You can start subscribing to Knowhow Cloud here.

11. MediaFire

MediaFire started off as a file sharing service to move files, photos, videos, and audio clips online. However, when using the free account, you will constantly see various ads while sharing. The free account gives you 10GB of free space, however, each file stored is limited to 200MB. The Pro account meanwhile, gives you 1TB of space, no ads, and up to 20GB file sizes for saving for $5 a month.

Sign up to MediaFire here.

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12. Apple iCloud

Apple users can make use of the iCloud service attached to all iOS and Mac OS devices. Take note, the iCloud Photo Library is a different service from iCloud drive. 

It offers 5GB free storage for users but it can be upgraded to 50GB for less than a dollar per month or 200GB for $2.99. Subscribe to iCloud here.

13. Mozy

One helpful feature of Mozy is the 30-day versioning option, where you can go back to a version of the file that had not been corrupted. The one-click download for your files also allows you to efficiently transfer files should you need to change computers.

Mozy offers free 2GB storage that can be upgraded to 10GB at $13.98. 1TB of storage, meanwhile, will cost you $409.98. Sign up to Mozy here.


Before looking for the best cloud storage services, get to know what the cloud is for with this video from GCFLearnFree.org:

It’s important to keep security top of mind when storing your files, whether it’s for personal or business use. Save space on your hard drive while using one of these cloud storage service providers to store and secure your files.

Are you already using one of these cloud storage apps? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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