B2B Marketing Software Demand Increasing in 2020

B2B Marketing Software

2020 and the global pandemic have presented many challenges however it’s also proving to be a dynamic year for the digital space. B2B marketers have shown they are prepared to adapt quickly and make the most of emerging opportunities. Many businesses are now working from home using tools in the digital arena. There is now an increased need for reliable marketing technology that can support remote sales and marketing teams.

Online technology is no longer just an option, it’s a necessity. Due to Covid-19, face-to-face meetings and sales calls are not an option in many parts of the world so we’ve been forced to change our processes. Even the technically challenged and those stuck in the past have seen the benefits of technology so even when the pandemic is over, we’re unlikely to go back to business as it once was.

There has been significant change across many industries and niches. Many in the B2B space are now working hard to maintain the clients and customers they have and ideally expand in the months ahead. Now more than ever getting marketing results is dependent on how quickly you can adapt to change and the technology you introduce to facilitate the opportunities that present themselves.

B2B Marketing Software

Most of us have been aware for a long time that social media can play a pivotal role in marketing. B2C was generally the first to make use of social media as a marketing tool however the B2B world is quickly catching up. Much of the world is stuck at home with little to do so they’re spending more time scrolling their social feeds.

B2B marketing support teams who use social media are adopting automation tools to aid in their marketing strategies. It’s a fast way to syndicate information out to the market which has become increasingly important in a rapidly changing world. Studies have shown that around 75 to 88 percent of marketers use automation tools to help their businesses stand out.

Social media is just one example of technology B2B marketers have become more active using in 2020. The marketing software available is far more holistic than a few social media channels but it’s a great place to start.

There are many B2B marketing platforms and online or cloud B2B marketing software options that will suit various business models. While we can’t review all the options within this article, we’ll look at some key benefits of B2B marketing software and what that could mean for your business.

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Ideal Customer Insights

When it comes to marketing of any kind, knowing your audience will increase your chance of producing a great Return on Investment (ROI). Potential B2B customers expect a high-quality product or service that meets their specific needs. During face-to-face meetings and sales calls, a great employee can use their emotional intelligence, knowledge about the business offering and communication skills to produce a great outcome. In the absence of this human interaction, your business is more reliant on the technology and systems to produce the outcome.

A great B2B marketing platform that is used correctly can help you identify what your ideal clients look like and how to influence them to make a buying decision. Who are they and what motivates them to buy? What makes them choose one brand over the other? A good B2B marketing platform measures the data so you can answer these questions quickly.

Speed Up the Process

B2B tools and technology allow businesses to increase productivity through automation. This is true in the production of a product or supplying a service but it’s also very true in B2B marketing. Instead of guess-work or spending hours trying to study the data and make sense of it, good B2B marketing software will come with dashboards to help highlight key insights quickly.

This allows businesses to focus on the campaigns that are most profitable and scale them up while quickly eliminating campaigns that are not working. The same is true with new business opportunities. The right tools will highlight to your sales team which opportunities are likely to be most beneficial so they can invest their time into the highest yielding tasks.

Reduce Human Error

Whenever people are involved there’s a risk of human error. Whatever processes you use to try and minimize errors, mistakes are inevitable. Through the use of an intelligent software platform, you reduce your risk of human error so you can trust the data and make decisions with confidence.

Better Customer Experience

Communication is the key to great service and your customers appreciate it. At this time of global pandemic, many people are stressed and overwhelmed and are less tolerant of mistakes or poor service. If you simply keep in contact with your customers, you greatly reduce the risk of them perceiving your business as providing poor service. If you have a great system that allows a good response time, that’s a great start. The software you use should help you fulfill orders on time, giving your clients a great experience.

Align Team Goals

Have you ever been in an organization where it felt like the sales team and marketing team were not aligned? This is an even greater risk when the team members are all working remotely from home. The right software platforms can help align your goals collectively. Through the use of the right B2B software platforms, a business can tightly align their goals within the organization and ensure every team member understands them.

Tech Made Easy

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Measure and Scale Results

One of the key benefits of using the right B2B marketing software is knowing how you can scale the results you want to achieve. When you know the data and can make sense of it, businesses can optimize their results and produce a better ROI. Scaling your business is far easier with the help of the right technology. Once you are able to interpret your data based on your needs, you can adjust, change strategy, and make sure your marketing spend is working.

The Time Is Now

If your business is experiencing a downturn due to the global pandemic, now is the perfect time to research and review technology options that could enhance your business when we get through to the other side and return to business as usual.

For some, business is booming right now and you’re probably scrambling to keep on top of everything. With the right software in place, you could streamline your business saving many hours of work.

Now is the perfect time for automation. It will be easier to manage and handle a business if you follow the current trend. While 2020 is proving to be a challenging year, it could be the year your business sets itself up for even great success.

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