AutoTempest Used Car Finder | Overview And FAQs

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Are you considering using AutoTemptest to buy second-hand cars? Learn what you need to know about this used car finder here!

AutoTempest Used Car Finder | Is It Worth Your Time?


1. What Is AutoTempest?

AutoTempest is a search engine to help car shoppers and sellers alike get more information on buying and selling used cars as well as land the best deal. Whether you’re looking to purchase a used car and are unsure of where to buy, what the requirements are, or you’re planning to sell one, this site offers several tools to help you.

2. How Does Autotempest Work?

The site compiles information and car listings from some of the best car buying sites, including, Craiglist, eBay Motors, and AutoTrader. Through this information, the site offers several tools and resources to help those interested in used car buying and selling, including:

3. Can I Buy a Car on the Site?

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No. All transactions are done externally. AutoTempest simply provides users with a one-stop guide to address all their questions related to buying or selling pre-owned cars.

4. Does AutoTempest Have a Mobile App?

As of now, AutoTempest doesn’t have a mobile app yet. It does, however, have a web app you can add to your home screen.

5. What Are Some Cons of AutoTempest?

Here are some areas where AutoTempest falls short:

  • As mentioned previously, you can’t buy or sell through AutoTempest. It will redirect you to other sites where you can handle the transactions.
  • In some, instances, the listings can feel limited because it only displays certain sites. This is because the site can only show listings from specific sites and can’t legally display content from others.

6. Can I Use the Site If I’m Still Unsure of Which Vehicle to Buy?

Yes, definitely! AutoTempest offers tools specifically for people who still haven’t figured out which car suits their needs and wants. The first thing you have to do is to read their guide called What Car Should I Buy? It includes important considerations for purchasing, including budget tips, how to start researching to get the best deal, and how to use the site in general according to your objectives.

If you’re also picking between different cars, you can use AutoTempest’s Car Reviews Search tool. All you need to do is to enter the make and model of the car you’re eyeing. Then, the site will pull up reviews from around the Internet.

7. Can I Use the Site to Buy a Used Car For Sale Near Me?

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Yes, definitely! If you already have a specific car in mind you want to buy and are looking to check if there’s one near you, use the Used Car Search tool on the site’s homepage. It pulls up a list of cars for sale from different sites based on proximity. All you need to do is input the make and model of the car and identify the proximity (in miles) of the seller based on your zip code.

To make it easier for you to pore through the listings and help you save time, you can even arrange the results based on posting date, distance of seller from your location, price, and mileage.

8. Can I Use the Site to Check Insurance Quotes?

Yes! AutoTempest has a tool that helps buyers compare car insurance quotes. All you have to do is enter your zip code or state, then the site will generate a list of auto insurance providers in your area. From there, the site will redirect you to the company’s website so you can directly ask them for a quote.

9. Does the Site Have Information About Shipping?

Yes, the site also includes a helpful guide on how to ship your car and even has recommendations in case you need a car shipper. It also features a shipping calculator powered by uShip that provides estimates for shipping costs depending on vehicle type and the zip codes of the origin and destination.

10. Can I Use AutoTempest to Find Deals on New Cars?

If you’re in the market for a new car, especially with a local car dealer, this site can also help you find good deals in your area. All you have to do is indicate the make and model of the car you’re after and your zip code. The site will provide you with a list of local dealers near you. After providing them with your contact information, each dealer will provide you with their quotes. In this way, you can compare competing quotes from multiple dealers without the hassle of contacting or visiting each one.

You can also check out their guides dedicated to buying new cars: How to Find a Good Car Loan — Two Dealership Financing Mistakes to Avoid and Get the Best Price on a New Car With 4 Simple Steps.

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Check out one user’s positive experience with using in this video from Tavarish: 

AutoTempest is a helpful tool if you’re looking for used cars online. It takes the hassle out of the process because you don’t have to visit or contact each local dealership individually just to get the information you need. When you need to buy or sell a used car, AutoTempest is a great starting point for your search. We hope this article has been helpful to you, and we hope this guide will help you get the best deal in town.

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