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Ann Dunn

How to Make Your Invoices Look Professional

Professional invoice

Knowing how to design and curate a professional invoice is a skill that everyone needs these days. Invoices are crucial to any business operation, whether you’re a freelancer, a start-up, or a big corporation. Serving as proof of rendered services…

Does Gaming Encourage Crime?

Gaming violence

In the wake of violent protests, many politicians and prominent media figures have alleged that violent video games encourage real-world criminal behavior. Some research provides contradicting evidence. Some point that gaming leads to an increase in aggressiveness, while others point…

The Top 10 Educational TikToks to Follow

Teenagers on mobile phones

TikTok is the latest and greatest social media platform to grace the internet, boasting over 800 million active users at last count and more than 2 billion downloads to date. The site presents content in the form of short, engaging…

Top 5 Proxy Use Cases for Business


Businesses equip themselves with a proxy service that offers an adequate proxy for numerous reasons. The primary goal is to mask their personal IP addresses. You may be wondering why it is crucial to hide an IP address with a…

Crypto SNACK Review

Crypto SNACK

Blockchain technology provides lots of new investment opportunities through cryptos like the popular Bitcoin and — the internet-sensation — Dogecoin. Expert crypto investors say that investing in promising crypto projects at their early stages might turn a few thousand dollars…

Here’s How Your Dog Can Go Viral

Dog on sofa looking at camera

Does your Shih Tzu have personality plus? Does your Weimaraner display all of the attributes needed to be a celebrity? If your canine companion displays all of the skills and innate qualities that combine to form the makings of a…