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Ann Dunn

How to Limit Your Time on Social Media

Social media addiction

There are benefits and drawbacks to everything, and social media is not exempt. On the one hand, social media can be riveting. There’s comedy, drama, action, sports–you name it, and you can find it on a social network of your…

How to Craft the Perfect Technical Resume

Technical resume

Tech recruiters are focused on three things when they look at a fat stack of resumes coming into their inbox. They are looking for the quality of the applicant, the speed of hiring/joining, and the cost of hiring. Fitting into…

Buying A Hybrid Vehicle: Key Considerations

Hybrid vehicle

A hybrid vehicle is a combination of an electric motor and a traditional engine, typically petrol or diesel. The two work together to provide power which results in conserving fuel. While the electric engine powers the car at lower speeds,…