Audio Advertising: Everything You Need To Know

Audio Advertising

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Once your business is up and running, your very next step should involve bringing a customer base to your door. There are many avenues that you can take with your advertising campaign, but which one is the best?

The answer to that question lies in the type of business that you own. Are you just starting out? Are you a smaller business, or are you looking to expand?

Whatever the answer, the audio advertising method is sure to help get your name out there.

What Is Audio Advertising?

Audio Advertising is a marketing tool that aims to reach your customers on audio-based platforms. The main platform for audio advertising was initially the radio, but things have moved on since then.

Nowadays, the general public is using more audio media platforms than ever. You can still reach your audience with radio advertisements, but there are other places to stick your marketing that are more popular. For example, podcasting has become a huge part of daily life. Almost anyone can grab a microphone and voice their opinions in this format, which has led to a rise in apps and websites that house this type of online content.

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Any new space for media content creates a new branch in which you can advertise. It isn’t just podcasting apps either. A number of companies have created a way to stream music online. Again, you can use these music streaming platforms to advertise your business. A strategic ad between songs is a great way to grab someone’s attention.

So, what are the advantages of an audio advertising campaign?

Benefits of Audio Advertising

The first benefit of audio advertising is that it reaches your audience in a different way. As mentioned above, there are now more ways to consume your media via audio formats, and these services require more involvement from the listener. Therefore, you can use these platforms to your advantage.

A person using a podcasting app is focused on the content that they are listening to, which means they are far more likely to absorb the adverts on this platform. A person watching television can always leave the room during the adverts, which can waste your marketing’s potential. This is not an issue for audio marketing.

The second advantage of audio marketing is that it is more simple and streamlined. Everything you want to convey is restricted by a time limit and what you are able to describe. This means that you can only include the most important details of your business and what you can offer.

This approach is beneficial to your audience as they will only receive the important points, but it also removes any confusion that you may have about what to include. You need to be swift and to the point, a decent skill to learn.

The last benefit of audio advertising comes from its cost-effectiveness. Putting an advert in a prime spot on television is a great way to reach a wide audience, but it is extremely costly. Audio adverts provide the same benefits but at a fraction of this cost. The production cost of the marketing is kept low due to the simplicity of the ad, and the cost of the advertising space is also greatly reduced. You don’t need to waste money on fancy graphics or logos in this format. All you really need is a good imagination and a sound booth.

Who Should Use Audio Advertising?

Every business is different, which means that each of your desired audiences is likely to be different. However, you can work out whether audio advertising is the right move for your business by looking at the benefits described above.

The fact that audio advertising comes at a lower cost makes this method perfect for businesses that have just started. A new business needs to keep the purse strings tight to try and turn a profit as soon as possible. But these businesses still need to get their name out there to the customers. The audio marketing method can provide a new business with a cost-effective way to advertise until they become more established.

This benefit can also apply to a small business. The cheap costs are a nice touch, but there is also no need to put yourself on a large stage if you are content staying at this level. Your only marketing goal as a small business should be promoting your services to the section of the population that you are targeting. Therefore, you can use audio advertising as a micromarketing tool to keep your marketing niche.

A larger business might be seeking to expand itself into new markets. You have probably already found an effective advertising strategy that helped you reach this level, but there is still more to do. If you haven’t already used audio advertising in your promotional materials, this tactic could help you reach a new demographic, one that you just so happen to need in order to expand your operations.

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It also helps that these adverts are easier to translate. If you are trying to reach an international market, an audio ad translated into the native language is a cheap tool to put across your message with minimal confusion.

One key problem that arose with the use of audio advertising is that it was only ever heard by the tech-savvy, younger audiences. While a majority of the people that use newer audio platforms are still a predominantly young demographic, this statistic is rapidly changing. More and more people are finding a use for a smart device; therefore, you can target a wider audience with your audio adverts. Failing that, the radio is still a great place to put your ads.

In short, any type of business can benefit from using audio advertising.


There is no shortage of uses for an audio marketing campaign. You may not feel that it is necessary right now, but this type of advertising can be beneficial to you at any stage on the business ladder.

Look out for some examples of this type of marketing and see if it applies to your business.