Are there any [good] alternatives to Web TV?

Q: I have an aunt that would just like to e-mail people and do really light web surfing. She doesn’t have any Internet of any kind and currently has a basic cell phone without a data plan. Do services like WEBtv (MSNtv) still exist? If not, what are the best options available out there for people in this situation? Thanks in advance for the suggestions! – Tracy from northeastern Wisconsin

A: Well Tracy, I did some digging around the Internet after reading your question and I have to tell you, there’s not a lot of good alternatives out there.

MSN TVWeb TV, now MSN TV, still exists but is no longer available for purchase. Microsoft’s only role in it is to support the subscription service for existing customers.

Someone on a forum I was reading suggested a service called Zonbu which appears to be a simplified, low-cost PC running all cloud-based applications. But you still need your own Internet service and, if you want the premium features, you have to pay a monthly fee to Zonbu as well.

Not longer viable

I think the reason it’s so hard to find an alternative to MSN TV is that the concept is no longer viable. Why hook a device that acts like a computer up to your television when you can have a standalone computer or laptop for the same price?

The only real difference with a standalone computer or laptop is that instead of paying a monthly fee to Microsoft, you pay a monthly fee to your local Internet Service Provider (ISP).

So here’s what I would recommend. Buy your aunt a low cost laptop (or even a lower cost netbook) and teach her how to do just the basics, like web surfing and email. For the Internet connection, go with another low-cost, not-the-highest-speed option like AT&T’s DSL for around $15-20/month.

Forget the laptop, get the tablet

Another option would be to get a tablet-based computer like the iPad 2. If you get the 3G version there’s no need for your aunt to worry about an additional Internet connection. But someone will have to pony up the $25/month for the 3G service.

Want to Unplug for a Bit?

Finally, I throw this question to my readers. Do you have any alternatives to MSN TV (Web TV) that I may have missed?

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  1. Ben Leverett

    HEL-LO-O, Google TV, now that it’s paired up with Android, it’s like getting a whole computer, minus the (i.e. TV screen) Display; and as for anti-virus updates, system updates, and other update notifications, I have two things to say; since Android is rooted in the Linux Kernel, everything is managed (i.e. no updates unless it’s for software that came with the system in the first place), and on the same note, being that of Linux, it is practically indestructible.

  2. Lauren A.

    Since you’ve written this article, one company has come out with an easy to use, touchscreen computer that was really created for seniors.

    It’s called Telikin. The interface is custom designed for seniors, and gives one-touch access to email, video chat, photos, web browsing, calendar, news, and more.
    It runs on a Linux OS, is virus-free, and the company provides free software updates.

    You can purchase them online,, and also on Amazon.

    Best of luck to those searching for an alternative to the WebTV/MSN TV!

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