New Apple Watch Specs Include Cellular

New Apple Watch Specs Include CellularThe new Apple Watch specs now include the use of internal cellular data use. You won’t have to bring your iPhone around with you to use the Internet on the latest smartwatch by the tech giant. If you don’t want that unique feature, you can still purchase the other models with just the GPS connectivity. Get to know more about the new Apple Watch specs from Tidbits below.

New Apple Watch Specs Include Cellular

New Apple Watch Specs Allows LTE Without iPhone

Apple Watch fans, the rumors were spot on: the new Apple Watch Series 3 will indeed have built-in cellular capabilities for standalone Internet connectivity without an iPhone nearby. Or rather, one model will; you can still get a Series 3 that’s limited to GPS connectivity when it’s away from its paired iPhone.

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The built-in LTE connectivity isn’t the only new Apple Watch specs Series 3 is boasting of about. Better hardware and apps have been installed to make the upcoming smartwatch a must-have.

Other Series 3 Specs To Look Out For

The built-in 4G network won’t be the only update to look forward to in Apple Watch Series 3. It boasts a faster dual-core processor as well as a barometric altimeter to measure elevation. The better processor will allow your Apple Watch to launch apps faster without lagging.

Expect the Series 3 to run on the new watchOS four which includes a new Heart Rate app to better monitor your health when you exercise. It also offers access to Apple Music streaming without having to link to an iPhone.

LTE Speeds Supported By Network Providers?

LTE Speeds Supported By Network Providers? | New Apple Watch Specs Include Cellular
Although all the major network providers offer 4G speed to their subscribers for the Apple Watch Series 3, T-Mobile initially limited its connectivity to 3G. Thankfully, CEO John Legere relented and announced that the company will now allow unlimited 4G connectivity to users of the new smartwatch at an additional $10 per month. 

Apple Insider noted that two of the US’ biggest wireless carriers, Verizon and AT&T will also be offering 4G connectivity to their users at $10 a month on top of their current plan.


Interested in the new Apple Watch specs and design? Watch this introductory video from The Verge below.

Eager fans of the new Apple Watch won’t have to wait long either. According to MacRumors, shipments have are already in transit ahead of its set Sept. 22 store release.

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