Have you tried the Amazon Treasure Truck?

Amazon Treasure Truck

Have you heard of the Amazon Treasure Truck? It not, pay attention because I think it’s brilliant!

The Amazon Treasure Truck is a dressed-up truck that periodically makes its way around a city, stopping at 3-4 specific locations. Loaded on the truck is a sort of deal-of-the-day type item (or items). To get the Treasure Truck deal, you have to first sign up for Amazon Treasure Truck text notifications. Then, the morning the Treasure Truck is about to depart from home base, you’ll receive a text with the details of what’s on the Treasure Truck that day.

Want in on the Treasure Truck goodness? Sign up for text notifications here

The text message will also contain a link which opens the Amazon Shopping app and gives you more details about the Treasure Truck deal as well as where the Treasure Truck will be stopping that day, at what time, and for how long.

If you want the Treasure Truck deal, you have to buy it ahead of time and then physically get yourself (walk, bike, drive) to one of the Treasure Truck stopping points to pick up your merchandise.

Amazon Treasure Truck - How it Works

Close but no cigar

I came this close to buying the Treasure Truck deal a few days before Halloween but my schedule didn’t coordinate well with their stopping points for that day so I missed out.

Amazon Treasure Truck text notification

Amazon Treasure Truck offer details

Amazon Treasure Truck map stops

Since that time, I’ve received several other notifications but nothing that has fancied me enough to pull the trigger on a purchase.

Nonetheless, I continue to get excited every time I receive a new Treasure Truck text notification. One of these days everything will align just right and I’ll come back home with my Treasure Truck find in hand!

How about you? Have you heard of the Amazon Treasure Truck? If so, have you purchased anything from it yet?

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