Would you let Amazon deliver inside your home?

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I hate when I am excitedly waiting on a package delivery to my house only to come back from running some errands to find the dreaded “We Missed You” sticky note stuck to my front door. If you’re lucky, the delivery service might try again later in the day but odds are it’s going to be another 24 hours before you get your hands on the delivery.

One improvement to this process is what FedEx allows me to do with my wine club shipments, which can never be left unattended on my doorstep due to the adult signature requirement. As soon as I get the ship notice and tracking number from my wine club, I enter it on the FedEx website and use the option to redirect the shipment to my local FedEx store. As soon as it arrives at the FedEx store I get a phone call or a text to let me know my package is ready for pickup.

In-home delivery

While I like the redirect to my local FedEx store option, it still requires that I get in my car and make the round trip to pick up my package. Amazon hopes to simplify this process even more with in-home delivery (currently in testing in Seattle only).

You read that right—in-home delivery. As in, your Amazon package will be delivered inside your home if you are gone. Well, technically inside your home or your garage depending on what type of setup you have.

Here’s how it works. To start, you have to have either an August or Garageio smart home system. With one of these installed, you can select the in-home delivery option during your Amazon checkout. The delivery service is then give a temporary access code which they use to gain access to either your garage or your front door.

Presumably, once inside, the delivery driver leaves your package and exits your home or garage at which point the temporary access code is no longer valid and no one, including the delivery service, can get back into your home.

No more missed packages. Heck, no more stolen packages.

I’m thinking I could probably handle the garage but I’m not so sure about letting a delivery person walk into my home. How about you? Would you let a delivery person deliver your package right into your home or garage?

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  1. Maria Rose

    Because I live in an apartment, that would never work, but I heard of a special box to which deliveries can be done to at entry. It is attached to wall right by entry and only you and the carriers have key access to leave packages inside for the times one is not home. I have the service with most carriers to get notified of expected deliveries for any given day and depending on which carrier, I know what time they will be in area. The only problem I have at present with delivery is whenever the regular delivery person is not working and the substitute delivers wrong. In my neighborhood, I would never trust the delivery people enough to deliver even into the garage, because of the rash of burglaries who have been hitting homes in area.

    • Patric Welch

      Yeah, I like the idea of a locked box *outside* my home that keeps the package safe from thieves and quite frankly, from bad weather as well. I hate having to be home for the delivery.