13 Reasons Why You Need Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

A lot of consumers are now living an easy, comfy, and happy life because Amazon Echo has transformed their home into a smarter one.

You probably heard about Alexa and some of the cool things she can do for you? If you want to know the reasons why you need this smart device, read on.

1. It’s A Smart Device That Works With Every Smart Device

If you have smart devices at home, this tech can connect with them. You can access your security camera, turn your lights on and off, adjust your thermostat, open your garage doors, lock your doors, and so much more – with just a verbal command.

This is convenient in so many ways. The more smart devices you have, the more useful it becomes.

2. It Can Do A Lot For You

With the help of Alexa on the Amazon Echo devices, the possibilities are endless. You can have her:

  • Make a shopping list
  • Add events to your calendar
  • Order a pizza
  • Play some music
  • Search YouTube for cooking tips or recipe while cooking

These are just a few of the things it can do for you. You can even ask her to send a notification to your phone.

3. Multi-Room Audio Feature

Music refreshes your spirit and can change your mood at any time of the day. This feature says it all as long as the smart device is around.

You can choose to play music based on your groupings, like the upstairs group or downstairs group or everywhere group for the whole house itself. Listen between Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeart radio, TunedIn, or other streaming services.

You can also:

  • Choose an artist, genre or song
  • Make your playlist & add songs to that playlist
  • Adjust the bass, midrange, and treble according to your audio preferences
  • If you have a Fire TV, it’ll flash the song you are playing on the screen for additional visuals.

You can also choose to play a podcast, audiobook (try Audible free for 30 days, cancel any time), or book. Search the available services when you ask for the audiobook or any of the sorts. Another in-app feature is, it’s going to pick up where you left off.

4. Check The Weather

Planning on having a camping trip or have a late afternoon barbecue? Just ask Alexa about the weather and she can give you the current weather conditions of that location.

It can even show you a weather forecast for the next seven days. Now you won’t have to step outside and make second guesses.

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5. Set Up Timers, Alarms & Reminders

If you don’t want to oversleep, overcook your food, or need to hold something up for a few minutes to let a glue cure well enough, Alexa can keep track of that.

You can set up multiple timers, alarms and reminders with the specific name you give it. For example, you can set up a timer for your cake and another timer for your egg. You can overlap them, and you’ll be reminded separately and specifically.

6. Establish Your Routines

You can create your routines with this feature. For example, In your morning routine, the device can:

  • Slowly brightens your smart lights before it sets off the alarm, then plays your favorite music.
  • Read your email for you.
  • Check on the traffic on your route to work.
  • Send messages from the Alexa App to other users.
  • Open the garage door.

For your evening routine, you create different sets of music and lighting sequence. You can also create weekend routines, Sunday routines, and more – all according to your heart’s desire.

7. Change The Color Of Your Smart Lights

Alexa has 123 listed colors and hues to choose from other than the basic green, blue, red, and yellow. It can change your room’s lighting according to what you want for certain times of the day. It can even use the lights as a visual alert.

8. Notify You Of Your Calendar Events

Rid yourself of going through your notes second-guessing or forgetting your appointments set weeks ahead. The Amazon Echo devices will read your calendar for the day or the day that will follow as you ask for it.

You can input these appointments in your morning routines as well. If you have the Echo Show, it will display your calendar for a visual representation.

9. Drop-In Feature

This feature works with other Amazon Echo devices and will save you a significant amount of time and effort when communicating with people in different rooms. It works like an intercom only way cooler.

Just ask Alexa to drop in a specific room in your home with another Echo device and talk to that person on the other end. No more shouting when calling the kids for dinner. But that is just one of the perks.

You can even drop-in on someone with an Amazon Echo device in another house. This will require the permission of your contact for you to do so. Of course, the consent should be allowed on your end as well.

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10. Take And Receive Calls

Imagine transporting your newly cooked, hot turkey from the oven to your kitchen countertop and your phone rings. This device helps you take that call without skipping a step. You can also make your own call with verbal commands.

Tech Made Easy

Set up a voice profile so it will recognize your voice if you want to call your dad and not the dad of your spouse. You can also use Skype to call your contacts via audio and video using the Echo Show.

11. Guard Your House

Notify Alexa that you’re leaving, and it will automatically activate the “Alexa Guard” that arms your house as soon as you leave.

It will detect smoke detector alarms and carbon monoxide alarms setting off, the sound of breaking glass, and will immediately notify you on your phone that something is going on.

It also has the “away lighting” feature that will discourage would-be thieves by randomly turning your lights on and off at random rooms in your house. This will mimic that someone is home. Use an evening routine to make it more convincing.

12. Whisper Back Features

Alexa will whisper back if it hears you whisper. You can communicate at a voice level that will be comfortable enough for you not to wake your kids or your spouse. You won’t have to worry about Alexa blasting back at you when you want to turn the lights off downstairs or lock your doors while in you’re in bed.

13. Excellent Value For Your Money

With these cutting edge technology packed in one smart device, you are getting your money’s worth.

Once you purchase Amazon Echo, don’t just settle for those smart features. Have fun engaging with Alexa. Ask her silly questions, have her tell you a joke, spell a word, or whatever comes to mind. It’s like having a personal assistant that can do almost anything (but not everything).

Did we miss any of the features of the Amazon Echo? Let us know in the comments section below.

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