Amazon Alexa 101: Everything You Need To Know

Amazon Alexa

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This Amazon Alexa 101 article is a compilation of frequently asked questions. It was first introduced on an Alexa speaker that created so much buzz in the tech world. And just when you think you know it all, you will be surprised at how much more it can do.

Amazon Alexa Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Amazon’s Alexa?

The Amazon Alexa, otherwise known just as Alexa, is a virtual assistant that was first introduced in 2014. As mentioned earlier, it came with the Amazon Echo speaker. It was voice-activated and could answer simple questions or converse with it simply.

How Does Alexa Work?

You could control this virtual assistant through the Amazon Alexa App. And as you may already know, through voice control. Just blurt out a specific command and it will acknowledge and perform the task that is pre-programmed in any Alexa device.

You can wake the gadget by saying, Alexa. Then when it lights up give a specific command for it to execute.

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Amazon Alexa Features

There’s so much that this virtual assistant can do which will make you gape in amazement or in disbelief. Here are but a few features that Alexa can do.

  • Change Wake Word. You can change the wake word from Alexa to other pre-programmed choices such as Amazon, Echo, and Computer. Just go to your device settings scroll down and click “Change wake word” or you can simply ask it to change it via voice control. Note: Change the wake word is device-specific only. So if you have other Alexa devices you will have to make the same changes as the first one.
  • Reaffirms you if you say you don’t feel good. Or even tell you a joke.
  • Connect with your Smart Lights. Amazon Alexa can turn your smart lights on and off and on commanded to do so. You can even have it change colors if you have that special feature. Another feature is setting it at specific times of the day to program according to your mood.
  • Ask Her To Play Music. You can let her play your favorite music or search for the mega hits. Plus, it can combine with your smart lights to light up along with the beat for a more disco feel.
  • Check the Weather. Alexa gadgets can tell you the weather in your area and even check the humidity of your backyard in real-time.
  • Whisper Mode. This is very useful if you don’t want to disturb anyone. Just whisper to Alexa and it will automatically whisper back.
  • Set an Alarm Timer. If you’re cooking or doing a routine exercise you just ask her to set a timer for you on the dot.
  • Connect to Other Smart Appliances. Turn on your TV, make your morning coffee, smart plugs, smart CCTV cameras, smart locks just to name a few.
  • Protect your Home. You heard it right. Alexa can automatically lock your doors either on a pre-programmed time or by voice command. After which it turns the lights in random rooms on and off to simulate someone is home to deter would-be intruders.

Another feature is playing hours of music, detects smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or the sound of glass breaking, footsteps, doors closing, and then automatically alerts you on your smartphone. It will then connect to your security provider. You can then drop into that speaker and listen to it live.

  • Intercom Feature. If you have different Amazon Alexa devices across your home. This enables you to communicate with other people in specific rooms by connecting to that specific device. How cool is that?! You don’t have to yell at the top of your lungs to tell your kids or grandkids that the food is ready.
  • Alexa to Alexa Calling. Call someone who is already on your contact list from outside your home. No more scrolling through your phone to find that contact.
  • Alexa Translation Session. You can ask Alexa to translate a certain word in that specific language. Even a real-time translation if you’re talking to someone using another language. This will be a great help.
  • Bonus Feature. Care Hub. links you to an Echo account to allow someone to have a high level of remote visibility to the actions of another. If you’re caring for a person “remotely” like checking on the elderly or children.

These are but a few of the smart features that one can benefit from if one lives in a smart home.

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How Much Does the Amazon Alexa Cost a Month?

The prices will depend on the unit you purchase. As long as you buy an Amazon gadget equipped with Alexa you own the virtual assistant forever. No monthly fee is needed.

You can actually get an Alexa Echo dot for $1 if you buy an Amazon Music Unlimited for one month. Or you can buy it in retail for $40. The highest price so far is the Amazon Echo Studio. You can grab it for $200. Or $220 for a product bundle along with a Lifx wi-fi smart bulb.

The possibilities for Amazon Alexa are just endless. With technology just taking us by storm we are in awe of what more can be in store for us soon.

One way to know how good an Amazon Alexa device can be is to try it out. Let us know what Alexa feature you find useful in your home in the comments section.