5 Amazing Photography Tips This Winter

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Photography enthusiasts will know that Christmas isn’t the only time to keep your camera on you over the holiday season. Although every distant uncle with a Nikon will be out taking photographs on Christmas Day, only those who are serious about photography will be snapping good pictures throughout the darkest months of winter.

The winter season presents some great opportunities for aspiring photographers to practice new skills, and it’s also a good way to stay motivated and keep active. Here’s 5 useful photography tips this winter, to help you make the most of taking images and enjoy getting to know your camera (especially if it’s a recent present)!

1. Find the best light

The days are shorter, the leaves have fallen from the trees, and everything seems to look dull and grey all the time—where’s the color and light gone? It’s still there, but you will have to work harder to find it. Try heading out into nature, photographing different subjects like people with colourful winter clothing, or taking pictures of those lovely warm winter sunsets.

2. Wake up early!

You might think that waking up early is only for joggers and workaholics, but they do say the early bird gets the first worm. This is definitely true in photography where you can catch some amazing sunrises, early morning frost, first snowfall and some excellent nature photographs if you’re the first one out and about. Plus it’s a good way to make sure you get enough fresh air and exercise throughout the winter.

3. Sign up to events and festivals

As well as being good fun, events and festivals are also a great way to challenge your photography skills and find new subjects to shoot. Keep an eye out for any winter festivities that interest you, including outdoor events and even music concerts. All of these will present you with interesting new environments to hone your techniques—and you might even be able to sell the odd photograph to the press!

4. Head into the city

Street photography is endlessly fascinating, and it’s particularly rewarding through the winter. When the color literally falls from the leaves then you can always head into the city and find interesting urban scenes to photograph. The weather itself can make an interesting theme, photographing people battling the wind or the rain, but if that’s not your thing then you can always make your way to the nearest busy café and take some shots of the hustle and bustle.

5. Wrap up warm!

Winter photography is only fun if you’re dressed for the weather. Make sure your gear is safe and dry, and that you have plenty of warm and waterproof clothing (and a flask of coffee or tea!) for the chilly mornings. You’ll also want to find a way to protect your images from potential weather damage, so back everything up regularly and, if you are shooting film, use a good photo scanning company to transfer your images into digital format for safe keeping.

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