How To Make Alexa Your Sous Chef

Feature | Young man chopping vegetables | How to Make Alexa Your Sous Chef | sous chef app | alexa sous videDid you know that you can use Alexa for cooking and other important steps in preparing a meal? A sous chef app is enormously helpful in the kitchen and that is exactly what Alexa is offering. From helping you prepare the ingredients to actually controlling your smart appliances, here are ways you can utilize certain Alexa skills to help you out in the kitchen.
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  1. Alexa, Sous Vide?
  2. Step 1: Create your List of the Groceries
  3. Step 2: Get Food Recipes
  4. Step 3: Get Wine Pairings and Cocktail Recipes
  5. Step 4: Ask for the Cooking Times and the Counts for the Calories
  6. Step 5: Set Multiple Timers and Convert Units
  7. Step 6: Take Control of your Smart Cookers and Coffee Makers
  8. Step 7: Take Control of Larger Appliances

Sous Chef at Its Best: Alexa Sous Vide

Alexa, Sous Vide?

There is no doubt one of the busiest places in your home is most likely the kitchen. Having an assistant who can take over some of your kitchen duties can be particularly handy. Also, who among you has missed a vital ingredient? What about missing that important step which resulted in starting all over again with the entire cooking process?

Yes, you can imagine a messy kitchen and an exhausted cook. But by utilizing certain Alexa skills (particularly the Sous Chef feature), you can say goodbye to that. You can even use Alexa for sous vide cooking if you have a sous vide machine enabled for an Alexa skill to control it, such as Joule. Read below to find out what Alexa can do and what the benefits are of having it in your kitchen.

Step 1: Create your List of the Groceries

Yes, Alexa can accomplish this for you in the kitchen. How? Just tell Alexa what is it you wish to add to your list and what specific list you want it added to. For example, you may say, “Alexa, add apples to my shopping list.” If you want to check the list, open the Alexa app on your Android or iPhone and select “Lists.”

Step 2: Get Food Recipes

Woman and man in the kitchen cooking | How to Make Alexa Your Sous Chef | alexa skills | alexa sous vide

To get food recipes, you may simply ask Alexa for a certain dish, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. You may check out some compatible sous chef apps on Amazon. To name a few, you can connect Joule to Alexa or Sous Chef Recipes.

Step 3: Get Wine Pairings and Cocktail Recipes

You may ask Alexa to check out the wine that best pairs with a specific dish. The MySomm or Wine Buddy skill can help you with this. You may ask “Alexa, ask MySomm what is the best wine to pair with steak.” You can also ask Alexa to find out cocktail recipes for you. Just say “Alexa, open The Bartender.”

Step 4: Ask for Cooking Times and the Calorie Count

There are apps you could use with Alexa to let you know how long the cooking time for a particular dish is. For example, you can request Alexa to ask Epicurious Smart Kitchen Timer to provide you the cooking time for 1 kilogram of beef. You may say, “Alexa, ask Epicurious how long is the cooking time for 1 kg beef?” For the calorie counts, you can ask “Alexa, how many calories are there in cheese?”

Step 5: Set Multiple Timers and Convert Units

With Alexa, you can run several timers at the same by giving each of them a particular name. You can say, “Alexa, begin an apple pie timer for 1 hour.” The timer will go off after the specified time until you ask it to stop. You can also ask Alexa to convert units for you such as “Alexa, how many mL is 1 cup?”

Step 6: Take Control of your Smart Cookers and Coffee Makers

Pair Alexa with smart appliances such as precision cookers. Alexa can help you set the right temperature for a particular type of food. You may also ask Alexa to check in on the cooking status every now and then. You can also use Alexa in starting up a coffee maker, such as a Behmor Coffee Brewer. Just make sure to put ground coffee and water in the night before using it.

Step 7: Take Control of Larger Appliances

You may now use Alexa to control larger appliances such as LG and GE’s refrigerators as well as ovens. For as long as these smart appliances have integrated IFTTT (If this then that), you can use Alexa to control them. These smart appliances can range from an oven, a refrigerator, a slow cooker, or a dishwasher.


For more ideas on how to use Alexa as a sous chef, watch this video from The Wall Street Journal:

Alexa as a sous chef is not just limited to finding recipes and controlling cooking appliances. There are other cool things to do with Alexa skills. You may also ask it to play music and listen to podcasts and the latest news while you’re cooking. Indeed, there is no better way to maximize all your tasks in the kitchen by doing most of them hands-free. Alexa is not only exclusive to Amazon devices but you may also use it with other compatible smart devices. Who knows, there may come a time when the kitchen will be fully run not by sous chefs and master chefs in white caps and uniforms, but by compact, cylindrical, and rounded gadgets.

Have you tried making Alexa your sous chef? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on November 1, 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.