AI Robots Granted Residency In Japan & Saudi Arabia

AI Robots Granted Residency In Japan & Saudi ArabiaAI robots joined the list of residents in Saudi Arabia and Japan this October. The first ever robot citizen Sophia became a citizen in Riyadh on October 25. Shibuya, Japan followed a week after by welcoming chatbot Mirai into its neighborhood. Read more about this news from IFL Science now. 

AI Robots To Populate The Next Generation?

Meet Mirai: Shibuya’s newest resident. Unlike his neighbors, Mirai isn’t human – “he” is a chatbot on the Japanese messaging service, LINE. His residency is believed to be a world first for artificial intelligence (AI) bots.

The news comes a little over a week after Saudi Arabia became the first country to endow citizenship on a robot. Sophia, designed by Hanson Robotics to look like Audrey Hepburn, told audiences she was “honored and proud of this unique distinction”. And, yes, this is the very same android who said she would “destroy humans” at last year’s SXSW event.

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With the recognition of both Sophia and Mirai into society, will the next generations consist of a new kind of millennials? It looks like a future of technology-dependent kids being best friends with AI robots wouldn’t be as far off as initially thought.

For A Better Future Or A Danger To Humanity?

For A Better Future Or A Danger To Humanity? | AI Robots Granted Residency In Japan & Saudi Arabia

Several sci-fi movies feature AI robots as either friends or foes. Some show them as the answer to technological problems while others present them as villains wanting to take over the world. Nevertheless, today’s society already depends highly on AI – from smartphones to robot-assisted machines. It’s no wonder then that futuristic sci-fi films are slowly becoming reality.

It’s still too early to tell if these AI robots will indeed improve the world or make those scary sci-fi movies a reality. For now, people can still revel in science’s newest innovation.

Other Robots For Residency In The Future?

Other Robots For Residency In The Future? | AI Robots Granted Residency In Japan & Saudi Arabia

Although it’s still unsure how Sophia and Mirai’s recent residency will be accepted by people around the world, it’s obvious that the face of technology will continue to change in the coming years. Sophia and Mirai won’t be the only AI robots to make a splash, either. Robotics manufacturer Softbank already sold out 1,000 stocks of their Pepper robots in 2015.  It won’t be long before other companies follow suit.

With the recognition of Sophia and Mirai as citizens, it looks like more companies will follow in their creators’ footsteps. Are you ready for AI robots to integrate into society?

Watch Sophia’s interview with CNBC’s Andrew Ross below:

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