A sneak peek at the future of GPS navigation

I’ve had the very fortunate opportunity to get a sneak peek at the future of GPS navigation. The future where 3D maps and integrated traffic are old school.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share the future with my readers so I now present a short list of features coming to a GPS navigation system near you:

The ability to show all vehicles driving near you on your GPS navigation screen. If one car gets to close to you or you get to close to it, the GPS will avoid the pending accident for you.

Integrated traffic lights. If you are approaching a stop light the background color of your GPS navigation screen will mimic the color of the stoplight. If the GPS navigation system detects that you are about to run a red light, it will stop for you.

3rd party integration with local businesses. For example, if you have a PO Box, when you drive by the post office, your GPS navigation system will tell you whether or not you have mail waiting in the PO Box so you don’t have to waste a trip inside the post office if you don’t have any mail.

When will all of these features be available? As soon as my soon-to-be seven year-old son is able to build them. That’s right. All of the above ideas really only exist in my son’s imagination. So I guess I tricked you but laugh it up now. People used to think guaranteed overnight delivery was a joke too.

Incidentally, if any of you plan on inventing these new features before my son does, please don’t use the name GPS 3000. That’s what my five year-old son told his older brother he needed to call the new GPS navigation system once he invents it.