5 new iPhone apps I’m trying out

Every so often I go through my pages and pages of apps on my iPhone to see what I don’t like or use any more. Then I hit the App Store to see what new apps I might want to try.

This spring cleaning of apps (ok, I also do it in summer, fall and winter) often produces a few new gems that I end up promoting to my clients and friends.

Which is why it occurred to me that you, my readers, might also like to know about the new iPhone apps I’m trying.

2 games, 2 utilities and a podcast app

Here are 5 new apps I’m trying this week:

0.03s0.03s (Free)

0.03s is a game that challenges you to match the fastest possible reaction time for a human, which is supposedly 0.03 seconds (I have never even come close to that). The game does this through a series of challenges that seem simple but are definitely not. For example: watching a red dot and touching the dot the moment it turns green. Or watching a series of words representing colors flash on the screen and only touching the screen when the color of the word matches the actual color itself.

There are 3 levels, “Sooo… Easy”, “Just Being Normal” and “I Must Be Crazy” and believe me I think you have to be a bit crazy to complete the hardest level (I’m stuck on Stage 3).

0.03s is free for the basic version (what I have) but you can upgrade to the pro version for just $0.99. The pro version has 24 stages x 3 levels, free upgrades and (gulp) is 10x more difficult!

4 in a row4 in a row (Free)

Ever played the game Connect 4? This game is identical. You can play against another player or the computer. I’ve only played against the computer and it is pretty easy to beat. Although it seems to be getting better but I can’t verify this.

AroundMeAroundMe (Free)

AroundMe is yet another app that is designed to tell you all of the bars, coffee shops, gas stations, hospitals, etc. that are located “around” your current location. I usually use the I Want app for this functionality but figured it couldn’t hurt to take a peek at the competition.

CamScanner FreeCamScanner Free (Free)

CamScanner can be used to scan documents in to your iPhone. Once the document is scanned you can simply store it in your iPhone, email it or send it to several popular services such as Google Docs, Box.net and DropBox.

So far, I’ve only scanned a receipt and it was pretty easy to do. It even let me crop out the part of the picture I took that didn’t include the receipt. The real test, which I haven’t done yet, will be to scan a large document that takes several photos to scan which need to be stitched together to form one master document.

AudioPressAudioPress (Free)

This is by far the most promising apps of the ones I’ve added. Due to recent syncing problems, I’ve all but given up on syncing my iPhone with my computer. This means I’ve lost the ability to get new podcasts I subscribe to on my iPhone.

This app has given me back what I’ve lost. Namely, the ability to subscribe to a podcast and have it delivered over the air to my iPhone. Much like the Audible app gave me wireless access to my audio books, AudioPress has given me wireless access to my podcasts.



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