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I stumbled across this funny Mashable video (see below) the other day where people confess to stalking people on social media and it made me stop to think if I have ever done it. The simple answer for me is yes.

Now, before you cast me away as an Internet creep, let me define what I think of as “social media stalking”. I’m talking about when someone emails you and out of curiosity you type their email address in Facebook to put a face (and maybe a story) to the person who is contacting you.

Or, when you wonder what that old high school friend of yours is up to now? Did they get married? Did they have kids? Where do they work?

I certainly haven’t gone as far as the one woman in this video who, as a server in a restaurant, looked at the name on the receipt and then later looked for that name on social media.

But I do think to some degree we have all done a little bit of social media stalking. Do you agree?

Watch the video first and then, if you are brave enough (it’s an anonymous poll), give your truthful answer in the poll below.

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: Social Media Stalking | Tech Confessions

It’s time to fess up!

If you can not see the embedded poll above please use the following link: Have you ever stalked anyone on social media?

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