In this episode of the Lighter Side of Technology [Episode 6], Mr. Noobie® talks about the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple, how teenagers listen to music, what Android feature is the most attractive to its buyers, Facebook’s new “Expecting a Baby” life event and an dog collar that can text its owner.

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Hello, this is Patric Welch, otherwise known as Mr. Noobie®. Welcome to another episode of the Lighter Side of Technology.

The battle between Samsung and Apple on who created what first is starting to heat up. If you haven’t been following along, Apple is suing Samsung claiming that Samsung copied its flagship products, namely the iPhone. But now Samsung has countersued claiming that Apple blatantly infringed on three of its patents.

Stated more in layman’s terms, the argument is going something like this:

“We were first!”

“No, we were!”

“No you weren’t. We were first!”

“You’re just a copy cat!”

“I know you are but what am I?”

“Grrrr.. I hate you!”

[AUDIO: sticks tongue out]

A newly released Nielsen reports shows that teens now listen to their music through YouTube more than any other source.

They do know that YouTube is a video site, right?

A new study shows that a larger screen is the top reason people choose Android phones over the iPhone. This seems like a logical choice but part of me wonders how many people picked the other reasons like:

  • better turn-by-turn GPS navigation
  • removable memory cards
  • 4G network access
  • faster processors
  • more internal memory
  • replaceable batteries
  • better speech to text translation

And… well, you get the idea. C’mon Apple. The iPhone was once revolutionary. CATCH UP!!

Facebook has rolled out a new “Life Event” that allows you to announce to your friends that you are “Expecting a Baby.” The new event allows you to add key information such as the due date and gender of the baby as well as upload photos such as the most recent ultrasound photo.

This new life event is a vast improvement over Facebook’s previous attempt at adding a new life event called “Making a Baby” which didn’t go over very well with the users.

A new Internet-connected dog collar is coming to a store near you. The dog collar, dubbed the “Dog Caller” contains a sensor that sends a text to the dog’s owner if the dog’s temperature rises above 26 degrees Celsius (that’s about 79 degrees Fahrenheit).

While I think this is a great idea for those dog owners who can’t seem to remember why it’s a bad idea to leave your dog in a hot car, I’m a little concerned that the creators of this might get carried away with future generations of the collar.

[IMAGE: I have to pee]

That’s it for this episode of the Lighter Side of Technology. I’m Mr. Noobie®, otherwise known as Patric Welch and I’ll see you next time.

Patric Welch

Patric Welch founded Noobie, Inc. in 2006 to help others effectively choose and use technologies to enhance their work and lives. The catchy company name earned Welch the name of Mr. Noobie®, but, in reality, Welch is an experienced and professional techie. Unlike most techies, Welch evaluates emerging technologies from a noobie’s perspective and provides technology education for all skill levels in a friendly, non-threatening way.

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