Noobie Support Plans help enhance and grow businesses with technology solutions

July 13, 2009 (Greenwood, Ind.)—Nearly every small business relies on technology in one way or another, but for most small business owners, the technologies that could enhance and grow their businesses may also bring them the most frustration. Now, they can join Noobie Small Business Support Plans for affordable, on-demand help.

“I’ve discovered that lots of small business owners are hobbling along with less than optimal technology solutions,” says Patric Welch, a.k.a. Mr. Noobie and founder of “These aren’t the kind of people who want to pay a consultant $200 or $300 an hour. They’re realtors, accountants, attorneys, freelance writers, graphic designers and salon owners who need quick, user-friendly tips or occasional help implementing new technologies from someone who knows and understands technology.”

Participants in Noobie Small Business Support Plans choose from Starter, Growth or Max levels of service for low monthly fees that equate to two, four or eight hours of service, respectively. Unused support hours roll over for up to 12 months, and additional support hours are available at discounted rates. Support hours can be used for setting up and configuring computers, organizing email accounts, backing up data and much more via onsite education, remote support sessions, telephone calls or emails.

In addition to monthly support hours, members get a standing discount on all Noobie products and services as well as free, unlimited access to:

  • Noobie Concierge: Consumers can avoid impulse buys and bypass sales people by asking Noobie to help hand-pick the right software and gadgets to meet their needs.
  • Do It For Me: Members who want to implement technology applications that have learned about on can “spend” their support hours to have Noobie “do it for me.” Many small businesses could benefit from recently featured Noobie favorites like Carbonite, Jott and iContact.
  • Noobie Premium Content: Expanded content on a pay-to-access site will soon launch to help members increase their knowledge about technology and discover new ways it can enhance their lives and businesses. Content includes articles, videos, audio clips and a message board where premium members can exchange ideas and questions with the occasional help from Mr. Noobie himself.

“Small business owners have to stick together,” says Welch. “That’s why I also want members to share in the success I anticipate for Noobie Small Business Support Plans by giving cash incentives when they refer new customers.” Members can help attract potential new customers by giving them a referral card that grants 25% off a first month of service.

About Noobie: Noobie was founded in 2006 by Patric Welch to help consumers and businesses choose and use technologies to enhance work and life. The company specializes in educating and coaching “noobies,” people who are inexperienced with a particular technology. Help and advice is available for everything from household electronics, computers and entertainment systems to emerging technologies and gadgets. The Web site,, offers informative articles, insightful blog entries, entertaining audio and video podcasts and online coaching. Consumers in the Indianapolis area also have access to educational classes and hands-on consulting.

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Patric Welch

Patric Welch founded Noobie, Inc. in 2006 to help others effectively choose and use technologies to enhance their work and lives. The catchy company name earned Welch the name of Mr. Noobie®, but, in reality, Welch is an experienced and professional techie. Unlike most techies, Welch evaluates emerging technologies from a noobie’s perspective and provides technology education for all skill levels in a friendly, non-threatening way.

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