10 things you can do on your iPad without Internet access

iPad 2I still see a lot of confusion with people I talk to when they are trying to decide between a Wi-Fi only iPad and an iPad with 3G (or now 4G LTE).

The confusion stems from their worry about not being able to use their iPad when they are outside a Wi-Fi hotspot. I tell them there is still plenty of things they can do on their iPad without Internet access but many of them are still convinced the iPad is a useless piece of junk without the Internet.

So I present to you 10 things you can do on your iPad without Internet access:

  1. Listen to music or catch up on your favorite podcasts
  2. Listen to an audiobook
  3. Watch videos already downloaded (great for airplanes)
  4. Take pictures
  5. Record videos
  6. Record your own voice (dictate your new book, record voice memos for later) using the QuickVoice app
  7. Read books using the iBooks app, Kindle app or others
  8. Play games (my favorite is Cribbage but you can always fall back on Angry Birds or thousands of others)
  9. Learn something new (ex: how to play the piano)
  10. Write something (a book, a blog post, a grocery list or anything) using Pages, QuickOffice or even the free, already included Notes app

Of course, some of the items in the list above require you to have Internet access to download and install the apps but the point is there is plenty you can do with your iPad even when you don’t have access to the Internet.

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Have something you want to add to the list? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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