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  • Buy it, don’t fix it

    If your inkjet printer is more than 2-3 years old and stops working, it's time to buy a new one. Assuming it doesn't just need more

These Facebook facts may still surprise you

Facebook Facts

A lot of people are speculating that Facebook has peaked and is starting its inevitable decline. While it’s true that Facebook is losing favor with younger audiences and slowly shifting towards older audiences, I am still stunned at some of the statistics I found in the Facebook Facts infographic below. A few that stood out to me: The average time spent on Facebook per visit: 18 minutes. I don’t know a website owner in the world that wouldn’t kill to have this much time spent on their site

One iPad and three pairs of headphones? Not a problem

Belkin Rockstar Multi-Headphone Splitter

I love watching rented movies from Amazon Instant Video on my iPad when traveling by airplane. It’s an easy and entertaining way to pass the time. And my SOL Republic headphones do a great job of blocking out all of the extraneous noise. But recently, I traveled with both of my sons on an airplane. They loved the idea of watching movies on the plane and were excited to pick out a few movies we could all watch. My only issue was how we were all going to

Tuesday Twitter Roundup 04-01-14


Here is this week’s roundup of Twitter highlights posted from my Twitter account: March 31 Hitting the tennis courts. Back with my boys! Hitting the tennis courts. Back with my boys! March 30 Shared a ride with @darinspindler (Kids Bowl Free) to the airport this morning. Great guy with some great ideas. #sc14 My hotel room is right next to the fitness room which is convenient because I don’t have to walk far before feeling guilty for not using it. — Patric Welch (@mrnoobie) March 29,

Double tap to like [TIP OF THE DAY]

Tip of the Day

When viewing photos in the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can like a photo by tapping the little heart icon beneath the photo. An easier way, however, is to double tap (two quick taps in a row) the photo itself. You can double tap the photo a second time if you liked it by mistake.

It’s not enough to just install antivirus software on your computer

Multiple Wired To Update

So you’ve installed antivirus software on your computer. That’s great. Pat yourself on the back and award yourself 1 point. But what have you done since then? If the answer to this is nothing, you will not be awarded any more points. Anti-virus software is a cat and mouse game. The bad guys find a new way to attack your computer and then your antivirus software company finds a way to prevent it. Rinse and repeat, over and over and over again. The key here is that when

Do us all a favor and get off your cell phone

Man In Trendy Outfit With Sunglasses Talking On Cell Phone

I don’t often air my pet peeves on my blog but I have to make an exception today. I was standing in line inside a Speedway gas station and the guy in front of me was talking on his cell phone. When it was finally his turn with the cashier, he kept on talking on his cell phone throughout the entire transaction. Never said a word to the cashier presumably because his phone call was a higher priority to him than his manners. When I reached the cashier,

What do you suggest to replace Windows XP? [ASK MR. NOOBIE]

Ask Mr. Noobie

QUESTION: I have XP on two different computers. What do you suggest I go to to replace XP? – Wayne O. from Whiteland, Indiana ANSWER: There’s no perfect answer to your question but I’ll try to give you enough information to help you decide which path is the best one for you to follow. Buy new computers My first suggestion is to buy two new computers. Now that you have your breath back, let me explain why. The fact that your computers are running Windows XP tells me

Could you survive 50 yawns in a row?


I admit it. Sharing this video is just darn-right cruel. But that’s what makes it so share-able. The video is a yawn-o-meter and it shows person after person after person (50 in total) yawning in an attempt to get you to yawn. Each yawn attempt is numbered so you can keep track of when you finally give in and produce a yawn of your own. It killed me but somehow I made it to the end without yawning. Although I’m pretty sure I yawned afterwards just to get

Tuesday Twitter Roundup 03-25-14


Here is this week’s roundup of Twitter highlights posted from my Twitter account: I just drank out of my coffee mug and splashed coffee into my eye. How is that even possible? — Patric Welch (@mrnoobie) March 24, 2014 March 24 Seeing #Divergent in theaters? Chat with 19 others and me now on #tvtag I just drank out of my coffee mug and splashed coffee into my eye. How is that even possible? No matter how cold it is outside I refuse to wear my winter coat.

High class video capture [TIP OF THE DAY]

Tip of the Day

If you plan on shooting high definition video with your digital camera or digital camcorder, make sure you are using a Class 10 memory card. This will ensure your memory card is fast enough to record the high definition video. The class rating (2, 4, 6 or 10) is printed on your SD card inside of a nearly complete circle. See this page for more information.