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HTC One M8: You had me at SenseTV [REVIEW]

HTC One M8 BlinkFeed

I recently got my hands on the new HTC One M8 and discovered a few new features that I really like. But before I get to those let me cover some of the basics. As expected, the HTC One M8 has one of the biggest smartphone screens yet, clocking in at a full 5.0 inches in full 1080p high definition. It also has a better battery and, thanks to its quad-core processor, zips along at a pretty nice speed. HTC BoomSound A unique (compared to other manufacturer’s smartphones)

When cell phone etiquette policies backfire

Best Classroom April Fools Prank Ever

Last week I talked about cell phone etiquette in my blog post and told everyone to do us all a favor and get off your cell phone. Since then, I’ve learned about a professor in Grand Rapids, Michigan who has a policy that if your cell phone rings during his class, you have to answer the call on speakerphone. I’m sure the professor was well-intended with his policy. I’m also equally sure he never saw his student’s April Fool’s joke coming. Watch and enjoy. If you can not

Tuesday Twitter Roundup 04-08-14


Here is this week’s roundup of Twitter highlights posted from my Twitter account: April 7 I just tried to get in someone else’s car thinking it was mine. The real owner was walking towards the car when I did it. #smh In the past 10 days I’ve been to Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, W. Palm Beach & Jupiter (FL), Baltimore and Chicago. I’m wrecked. Zzzzzzzzzzz… I have no interest in watching tonight’s championship game. At least 10 teams would have caught my interest in this game but not these

Finding Microsoft Excel formulas [TIP OF THE DAY]

Tip of the Day

To look up a formula in Microsoft Excel, click the fx button near the formula bar or click the Insert Function button on the Formulas tab. A popup window will appear allowing to to search for or select a function. To see all functions change the category to “All”. Clicking on a function name will show you the function’s purpose and how to use it.

You’ll never guess where my son’s missing iPod touch showed up

iPod touch in the couch

I’ve always taught my sons to treat their electronics with care and respect. In the rare instances when they don’t, they get them taken away. Which is why I was completely bent out of shape last November when my son told me he couldn’t find his iPod touch. When I asked him how long it had been missing he guessed “a couple of days.” Well a couple of days was long enough for the battery to completely drain and make any attempts at using the Find my iPod

My first experience using Mayday on my Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon Mayday Amy

I can’t believe it took me this long to use the Mayday feature on my Kindle Fire HDX. I guess it’s because it took until now before I had a legitimate problem I couldn’t figure out. Many times I thought about faking a question but I wanted the experience to be as genuine as possible so I kept waiting. My issue I was having was that I wanted to place a movie I rented on Amazon Instant Video into my son’s FreeTime account. If you’re not familiar with

These Facebook facts may still surprise you

Facebook Facts

A lot of people are speculating that Facebook has peaked and is starting its inevitable decline. While it’s true that Facebook is losing favor with younger audiences and slowly shifting towards older audiences, I am still stunned at some of the statistics I found in the Facebook Facts infographic below. A few that stood out to me: The average time spent on Facebook per visit: 18 minutes. I don’t know a website owner in the world that wouldn’t kill to have this much time spent on their site

One iPad and three pairs of headphones? Not a problem

Belkin Rockstar Multi-Headphone Splitter

I love watching rented movies from Amazon Instant Video on my iPad when traveling by airplane. It’s an easy and entertaining way to pass the time. And my SOL Republic headphones do a great job of blocking out all of the extraneous noise. But recently, I traveled with both of my sons on an airplane. They loved the idea of watching movies on the plane and were excited to pick out a few movies we could all watch. My only issue was how we were all going to

Tuesday Twitter Roundup 04-01-14


Here is this week’s roundup of Twitter highlights posted from my Twitter account: March 31 Hitting the tennis courts. Back with my boys! Hitting the tennis courts. Back with my boys! March 30 Shared a ride with @darinspindler (Kids Bowl Free) to the airport this morning. Great guy with some great ideas. #sc14 My hotel room is right next to the fitness room which is convenient because I don’t have to walk far before feeling guilty for not using it. — Patric Welch (@mrnoobie) March 29,

Double tap to like [TIP OF THE DAY]

Tip of the Day

When viewing photos in the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can like a photo by tapping the little heart icon beneath the photo. An easier way, however, is to double tap (two quick taps in a row) the photo itself. You can double tap the photo a second time if you liked it by mistake.