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HTC One M8: You had me at SenseTV [REVIEW]

HTC One M8 BlinkFeed

I recently got my hands on the new HTC One M8 and discovered a few new features that I really like. But before I get to those let me cover some of the basics. As expected, the HTC One M8 has one of the biggest smartphone screens yet, clocking in at a full 5.0 inches in full 1080p high definition. It also has a better battery and, thanks to its quad-core processor, zips along at a pretty nice speed. HTC BoomSound A unique (compared to other manufacturer’s smartphones)

Verizon Ellipsis 7: Is it the right tablet for you? [REVIEW]

Verizon Ellipsis 7

I’ve said it before. It’s getting increasingly more difficult to tell the difference between various Android tablets. This isn’t to say they are all the same. They are most definitely not. I’m just saying the average consumer might not be able to tell the difference—and in some cases may not even care. That’s why I love the Verizon Ellipsis 7″ tablet. It’s not the best Android tablet on the market and I think Verizon knows that. Rather than try to be the best, Verizon is providing a low-cost

GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition: Custom made for the outdoor enthusiast [REVIEW]

GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition

You have to admire a company that knows who its audience is. The GoPro HERO3+ camera wasn’t designed to film your child’s birthday party. In fact, it wasn’t really designed to film anyone at all. Instead, the GoPro was designed for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to record their own point of view while doing the things they love—like skiing down a mountain, biking off-road or jumping out of an airplane. Brackets and mounts galore The first thing I noticed about the GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition (the one

Be your own Dick Tracy with the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch [REVIEW]

Samsung Galaxy Gear

When the smartwatch first started becoming a thing, I never thought I would take to it. After all, my experiment of giving up wearing a watch in favor of using my smartphone to check the time has been holding strong for nearly two years now. Why would I suddenly want to wear a watch again? Especially one as big as the Samsung Galaxy Gear? But then Samsung had to come out with those darn commercials. You know the ones that show all those techno devices from shows like

I loved my SkyBell right up until the part where I started using it [REVIEW]

SkyBell and app

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I should not be allowed to visit the Indiegogo site. It’s the tech equivalent of a handyman walking into a Home Depot. My latest can’t resist item I found on Indiegogo is the SkyBell (formerly known as iDoorCam). The idea is simple. You remove your doorbell and put the SkyBell in its place. When someone rings the doorbell, a push notification is sent to your smartphone which includes a live video feed of the person standing at your door.

Samsung Note 3: A great choice for techies and seniors alike [REVIEW]

Samsung Note 3

Some of you may recall that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the Samsung Note II when I first reviewed it one year ago. Since that time, I have run into dozens of people who use the Note II and I even went as far as to suggest it might be the perfect smartphone for seniors. SEE ALSO: Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is big but it’s packed with features [REVIEW] Well now Samsung has released the Note 3, the successor to the Note

Moto X: Smaller-sized Android smartphone with unique features [REVIEW]

Motorola Moto X

I’m spoiled by the large screen size on my Samsung Galaxy S4. So much that I really struggle to use the someone’s iPhone when they hand it to me. I just can’t go back to that smaller screen size. So when I was given a Motorola Moto X to review, the first thing I noticed was how small it was—about the same size as the iPhone. I knew right there that I personally wouldn’t like it but, in the interest of my audience, I decided to plow ahead

Bose SoundLink Mini is the best wireless Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever heard [REVIEW]

Bose SoundLink Mini

I’ve been through a handful of wireless Bluetooth speakers and quite honestly, none of them have really impressed me. Not even the Beats Pill that the commercials would have you believe is the best on the market. They all still sound “tinny” to me. If you’re wondering what a wireless Bluetooth speaker is, it’s a portable speaker that you, in most cases, connect to your smartphone or tablet so you can boost the audio from your device. It connects wirelessly through Bluetooth thus negating the need for any

Scan your photos and documents wirelessly with the Ion Air Copy [REVIEW]

Ion Air Copy

I have helped dozens of clients with their scanners (flatbed, all-in-one inkjets, etc.) and they always have the same question. When the scanning is complete they ask, “So where is the scanned photo?” Add to the confusion of where the scanned photo is to the confusion of using the scanning software itself and most people dismiss scanning as a task they will never complete. That’s going to all change with the Ion Air Copy. The Air Copy is a small, portable, battery-powered, wireless scanner that is ridiculously easy

Wirelessly mirror your tablet, smartphone or laptop on your television with the Netgear Push2TV [REVIEW]

Netgear Push2TV

The Netgear Push2TV is a small little device that connects to your television’s HDMI port and allows you to wirelessly display your tablet, smartphone or laptop on your television’s screen. It’s perfect for presentations or for when the whole family is sitting around the television and you want to share content from your personal device. Setup Setting up the Netgear Push2TV is simple. Connect the power cable to the device (or plug the USB into your television if it supports it) and connect the device to your television