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Putting Snapchat in your children’s hands could be dangerous [ARTICLE]


Snapchat is a new app that is quickly becoming a favorite among teens. On the surface, Snapchat is a new and fun way for teens to communicate with one another. But keep in mind that features can be deceiving and this new favorite among teens is no exception. Snapchat allows users to take pictures and videos and send them directly to their friends. Nothing new here but there’s a twist. With Snapchat, the sender can control how long the receiver can see the image or video. When time

Quickly Determine the Value of Your Gadgets and Electronics with Worth Monkey [ARTICLE]


If you have ever attempted to buy a vehicle, and simply did not know its worth, you most likely used an online source to determine its value, by looking through a “blue book”. Once you found its fair and accurate price, you knew exactly how much to offer for the vehicle. Now, with the startup of Worth Monkey, you can easily use their online “blue book” to determine exactly how much gadgets and electronic equipment are worth. A Mobile App As a mobile application, Worth Monkey provides online

What is Tumblr? Why so many youngsters are quickly leaving Facebook for a new style of blogging [ARTICLE]


Younger generations are quickly becoming disenchanted with their Facebook accounts, and are seeking alternative solutions to connect with their friends online. Dissatisfied bloggers have found a new way to communicate using Tumblr, a blogging experience like no other. Tumblr allows users to post Tumblelogs to their account to display music, videos, links, quotes, photos text, and other media. They can connect to their account (and with their friends) using a variety of devices including their phone, browser, mobile app, desktop, email and others. By abandoning their Facebook account,

SmartyPig Provides an Easy Way to Afford Debt-Free Luxuries [ARTICLE]


If in your attempts to save money for a vacation, wedding, or big-ticket item, you only end up with good intentions, SmartyPig may be able to help. By opening up a SmartyPig account, you can find a variety of options to assist you with your savings goals. The website offers an online account to safeguard your savings while earning a high yield interest rate, backed with an FDIC-insured government guarantee. How It Works It is easy to stay out of debt by using SmartyPig, by saving your money

Send Free Faxes from Your Computer [ARTICLE]


If you realize you made a mistake in throwing out your fax machine, there may be an easy and free solution to your problem. It is now possible to send a fax over the Internet, without using your phone line, for no charge at all. For years, paid sites like have charged their members an exorbitant amount to send simple faxes online. However, now you can use a couple of online websites that provide a free service to upload your file from your computer and send a

SeatSwapr – A Novel Solution to Get the Best Seat on the Plane [ARTICLE]


If you notoriously book your flight just a few days before departure, many times you find all of the quality seats have already been selected. However, with SeatSwapr you can now swap your seat with another willing traveler on your plane. SeatSwapr offers quick and direct interaction with interested parties wanting to connect, using a mobile app, and optimize their seat assignment on the plane. The SeatSwapr Process Using a mobile app, you simply input your flight information into your account, and list the location of your seat

Use ooVoo to Connect and Chat with up to 12 Friends Simultaneously [ARTICLE]

Be on ooVoo!

As a powerful video chat application, OoVoo allows online individuals to connect instantly to one another using video, voice and instant messenger. With a full range of powerful tools, it has a variety of features that easily sets it apart from its competitors like Skype, FaceTime (Apple), Facebook, and Google voice. Simultaneously Chat with 12 Friends OoVoo is an improvement over FaceTime and Skype, allowing users to chat with up to 12 individuals at the same time. On larger screens (mobile devices, computers) OoVoo generates a visual “file”

Kids in Mind Offers a Better Movie Rating System for Parents [ARTICLE]

Kids in Mind new reviews

If you have ever been frustrated in taking your children to the movies, and not knowing exactly what they are going to see, the Kids in Mind website may be able to help. By providing reviews on current and existing movies, parents and individuals can get all the information they need to determine the appropriateness of the films their children want to see. The Kids in Mind website and mobile app are movie ratings and review applications used by millions of families looking for accurate and detailed information

Make Money Buying or Selling Your Gift Cards [ARTICLE]

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is a simple solution to turn your gift card into cash, or purchase cards from scores of national retailers, at greatly reduced prices. Using the Gift Card Granny website, you can instantly find out exactly how much online companies are willing to pay to exchange your card for cash. Every day, tens of thousands of people across the country receive retail cards as gifts and rewards from family, friends, businesses or their job. Receiving a card to spend at many retailers across United States makes

Reduce Your Monthly Expenses with BillShrink [ARTICLE]


If you are struggling to bring your household budget in line, and reduce your monthly expenses, consider using the money-saving service BillShrink. This online company provides you a variety of tools to locate the best possible deals on your wireless phone service, television service, savings & CDs, credit cards and even cheap gas. Save on TV Subscriptions Their website displays alternative, affordable solutions to lower your monthly bills by finding the best price on satellite and cable TV offers. By simply tweaking your monthly subscription and narrowing down