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How to deal with public cell phone talkers

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: CELL PHONE CRASHING at the AIRPORT!

One of my technology pet peeves is people talking on their cell phone in public places. And I’m not just talking about places where quiet is expected like in a movie theater. I’m talking about at a restaurant, in line at the grocery store or any other public gathering where people are forced to listen to their conversation.

My method has always been that if I receive an important call in a public place, I excuse myself from the people I’m with and walk to a more private location to have my conversation. I don’t return until I’m off the phone.

I only wish other people would do the same. Instead they force everyone around them to hear their boring conversations about what friend did what to what friend or how they can’t believe so and so did such and such.

This is why the guy in this video is my hero. He came up with a way to deal with these public talkers by sitting down next to them with his phone to his ear acting like he is on the receiving end of their conversation.

The results are funny but unfortunately I’m not sure the people he does this to have any clue why he is doing it.

What’s your opinion on people talking on their cell phones in public? Would you love to do what this guy did? Leave a comment below and let me know.