A series of old (1993 to be specific) AT&T commercials are making the rounds on the Internet. Each of the ads shows a handful of futuristic technologies and proclaims “you will” be able to use these technologies soon.

What’s amazing about these ads is nearly 100% of the technology predictions are real and in-use today. In fact, my reaction to most of them was “yeah, what’s the big deal about that?” Which begs the question, when I first saw these ads (and I do remember watching them) was I really ooohed and ahhhed by these futuristic technology predictions? Did I really think these were things that would someday be amazing to have?

The video below shows a compilation of the AT&T commercials. Watch it for yourself and see if you remember being impressed back then. If you were, fess up by leaving a comment below.

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: AT&T You Will Ads From 1993 – Amazingly accurate predictions

One thought on “20-year-old AT&T commercials foretold our technology future with near perfect accuracy

  1. Occasional Reader

    “Which begs the question…”

    No, it RAISES the question.

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