Ask Mr. NoobieQUESTION: I am looking for a tablet or pad to be used primarily for watching videos on YouTube. It must be durable and as simple to use as possible. What would you recommend? Thanks for your consideration. – Kathleen R. from Greenwood, Indiana

ANSWER: Your question is a little tricky to answer, Kathleen. Mainly because if you truly want a tablet that is best-suited for YouTube (which is owned by Google), you should probably get an Android-based tablet because of how easily it integrates with Google.

On the other hand, if you truly want a tablet that is as simple to use as possible, you’re probably talking about an iPad, which coincidentally also does a wonderful job at playing YouTube videos with the free YouTube app you can download and install on it.

I guess, for me, it would come down to ease of use and price. If you can afford $329 go with the iPad Mini. If you can afford $499 go with the full-sized iPad. If $199 is more of your budget consider something like the Android-based Nexus 7.

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