Name a band without the letter 'B'Facebook is getting overtaken with so-called challenges asking people to “name a band that doesn’t have the letter ‘B’ in it” or “name a movie that doesn’t have the letter ‘S’ in it”. There are more but I won’t name them all here.

The thing that drives me crazy about these is that they are supposed to “tricky” or “difficult”. They’re not. And that’s intentional.

These things are like Facebook viruses. No, they won’t harm your computer but they will annoy you to death. The majority of people who read these think of an answer to the challenge right away and then comment with their answer. Before you know it, thousands of people have shared the challenge and/or commented on it.

What the overall goal is of the person who creates these escapes me. I guess they are trying to see who can get more gullible people to answer them than the next guy. Or they are mining people’s Facebook accounts so they can somehow spam them later.

Either way, I’ve had enough of it—to the point I felt compelled to shoot the video below. So the next time you see one of these word challenges on Facebook, please watch this video before sharing or commenting. Thank you.

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: Can we please stop with the Facebook “name a word without this letter” games?

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